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LG G3 Apps APK: Camera, Backup, Contacts, Browser, File Manager, Home, SMS, Music, Video and More!


Here you go: the LG G3 APK files of your fav G3 apps like Camera, Music, Video File Manager, etc. are already available for download and manual installation. You can download the APK files from below, trasnfer to your phone or tablet and install it after enabling the Installation under settings » security.

For full guide on how to install the APK files on an Android device, check this page.

Not a day has gone past since LG announed the G3, but we’re already seeing its stuff being made available to those interested.


For obvious reasons, these apps won’t work out of the box on your device. Why, well because they are made for LG G3. But we guess older LG devices like the G2, Optimus G might be able to run some of these apps.

So, if you are holding a Galaxy or let’s say, an Xperia device in your hand, don’t be surprised if these apps don’t work. For example, I was unable to install LG G3 backup and clock apps on my S4, and even after installing, the Camera app didn’t work.

BUT, we just know that these apps will tweaked up soon by some cool dev and will be available for the wider audience soon enough, once the minimum requirements for these apps get reduced to OS version, OEM not withstanding, most of us will be able to install these apps.

But for that, we gotta wait for now.

It’s not confirmed yet on which devices other than the G3 are these apps fully working.

Obviously these apps won’t work on every Android device. We guess you would need to be on Android 4.0 and above as the minimum, and 4.4 should work fine, especially on LG devices.




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