LG G3 Keyboard Ported for LG G2 [Download]

UPDATE: Download LG G3 keyboard for Galaxy S4 and HTC One M8

The new keyboard on LG G3 is the smartest we’ve seen from a manufacturer till date. The keyboard adapts your style not just by learning words you type but by also measuring your touches to adjust the size of keys. If you often (mistakenly) type K’s instead of L’s, the LG G3 keyboard will try to learn from your mistaking habit and expand the touch-sensing area for the L key so that you could stop regretting your typos.

The LG G3 keyboard can also be resized manually, at its full size the keys on G3 keyboard gets spaciously laid out which is useful for folks among us with bum size thumbs. Watch the video below to see the

Thanks to XDA member Cloudyfa for porting over the LG G3 keyboard to work on LG G2 devices, we wish him all the best for further ports and may he successfully ports over the complete LG G3 ROM on LG G2 and other devices.

To install the G3 keyboard on your LG G2, you have to have a custom recovery installed on your G2. The G3 keyboard can’t be installed easily as an APK file, Cloudyfa  has provided us with an recovery flashable zip which can be flashed using only a custom recovery.

LG G3 Keyboard zip file download link.

For help with flashing, check out our guide on How to flash ZIP files using CWM/TWRP recovery.

See the LG G3 Keyboard in action


via XDA

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