Lenovo K8 Note Oreo update: All news and expected release date

Lenovo K8 Note

Lenovo had launched its mid-range handset, the K8 Note, at an event in Delhi earlier this month. The smartphone features pretty capable hardware and most importantly, is available for buying at INR 12,999. Yes, it is priced quite well too.

But, good hardware or equally good price is not what makes the Lenovo K8 Note special, as its software plays an important role too — you know, Lenovo has chosen to go stock with the K8 Note, and it’s a big plus point in our books. Especially in the context of this post, where we discuss the Oreo update.

When it comes to updating, the stock software experience enables the OEM to prepare the update with minimal fuss, as they don’t have to worry about tweaking the whole of the update with their own custom skin. Case in point, Motorola has always been quick to release updates for its flagship devices every year, and opting for the stock UI in their has helped them a lot this case. Now that Lenovo owns Motorola, maybe they know how good it is to do that, and thus the K8 Note without Lenovo’s custom skin.

So, what prospects does the Lenovo K8 Note has regarding the Android 8.0 Oreo update release, and when? Let’s discuss.

How to download Oreo update

Lenovo K8 Note Oreo Update: What to Expect?

Except for phones branded under Motorola, Lenovo has had a very bad reputation when it comes to providing software updates to its phones. Most of its previously launched phones are still running on the OS version they were originally launched with. Yep, no update ever! Duh!

Why? Well, possibly, Lenovo didn’t mind updating them devices. Or, given that it loaded heavy custom skin on these devices, it became a task too complicated for the company to build a major Android update for each of its devices.

k8 note Android Oreo release

But thankfully, that’s not the case with Lenovo K8 Note, as it runs on stock UI, meaning developing Oreo software update for the device should be pretty easy, as mentioned earlier. The K8 Note is a capable device to run Android 8.0 Oreo update, fully eligible that is, and thus we don’t see why Lenovo would budge away from updating the device to Oreo.

That said, Lenovo is yet to confirm the Oreo update for K8 Note.

Android Oreo Root for Pixel and Nexus devices

With the Oreo update, you will be able to utilize all the new features Android 8.0 OS has to offer. Some of them include the new Picture in Picture (PiP) mode, faster boot times (2X on Pixel, Google claims), adaptive icons, notification dots (awesome!), new rounded emojis, contextual press-to-hold options, and much more. Besides that, Lenovo could throw in a feature or two of its own with the update. All in all, it’s the update you want if you own a K8 Note.

Lenovo K8 Note Oreo release: When to Expect it?

  • Expected in early 2018. Not confirmed yet, though.

Well, there’s currently no official confirmation from the company if it will ever release the Android 8.0 Oreo update to the Lenovo K8 Note or any other of its large portfolio of devices, for that matter.

But, if it happens (which is more likely), it will happen sometime by the end of this year or in early 2018. That is, K8 Note users should see the update hitting their devices by the end of January or February 2018.

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