Leaked Out: LG Star Android Phone. It’s Quite Star Studded Spec-wise!

LG Star Android Phone

If the Sony ‘Anju‘ android phone was able to shake you up with its incredible spec-sheet, the latest leaked phone slated for year early 2011 — LG Star, will make you bite the dust.

LG aims to be the first one to bring the nVidia dual-core Tegra 2 processor to the world with LG Star, a 4 inch touch screen android phone that’s capable of recording videos at 1080p with its solid 8 MP camera. The Tegra 2 processor about which the world has heard a lot and is waiting die-hard is the Star’s most striking and appealing feature.

The only major spec not talked about in the rumor is the Android OS version it would come pre-loaded with, but it’s being gossiped that it will feature a plain stock android OS, void of any customization, except some little lines here or there. And we like it boy, maybe that explains LG keeping a big Google logo in the back. No doubt we’re all for upcoming android 2.3 version, the Gingerbread.

Other notable features include a front-facing camera and proximity sensor up front and a 1500 mAh battery inside. And we won’t blame you if aren’t big on its name, since it’s said to get a revision by the time it hits stores in early 2011.

So are you up for the army of second layer of super phones coming up in early 2011:-

  • Nexus S – A 1.2 Ghz dual-core Samsung made Google android phone, slated to be the first phone with android OS 2.3 Gingerbread
  • Sony Anju – A 4.3 inch android phone that will possibly run android 2.3 from day one. It’s also called X12, and might become a Bravia phone, and is also said to be slimmer than even Samsung Galaxy S, currently the slimmest android phone with Motorola Droid X at 9.9 mm thickness
  • Sony Zeus – Sony’s much rumored and hyped up android gaming playstation phone, pretty good in features too
  • Galaxy 2 – It’s a Nexus S with Samsung’s custom UI, Touchviz.

It’s clear that the companies that were lagging behind the HTC and Motorola in making the most from the Google’s mobile OS are now all set for a brighter 2011 but hey, there must be something really big in stores at HTC and Moto quarters too!

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