Latest to Clear FCC is Samsung SPH-M930, a budget phone with 1 GHz processor

FCC leaks just told about 4G support Samsung Within but it’s back so soon — apparently, another Samsung device has broken through the FCC archives while making its way to Boost mobile’s offices. The SPH-M930 is the codename and it does looks like a budget phone with qwerty keyboard slider under it. But guess what, the SPH-M930 packs in a 1 GHz processor by Qualcomm that was the highlight of not very old devices from 2010. In fact, it’s still powering the SE flagship phone, Xperia Arc. (Yeah, it feels so lame that Samsung’s mediocre device equals SE’s bets device!)

Well, I think it’s the most powerful budget phone, all thanks to the presence of 1 GHz processor. But that apart, everything else reminds us back that it’s a mid-range phone: HVGA screen, 4-row keyboard, 2 MP camera, etc.

Now that it has cleared FCC, we think it’s gonna et announced pretty soon and those who want can start sparing some bucks for it. of curse, the official name will be out too, very soon. But to guess with, we think it could turn out to be Transform II (successor to last year’s transform, codenamed SPH-M920).

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