Korea gets Nexus One with Froyo via KT for 699,600 won ($577)

Google Nexus One

The Google phone aka Nexus One has finally found its way into Korea, via KT, the second largest carrier in the country. What’s more exciting is the fact that it will have Froyo (Android 2.2) pre-loaded which is totally cool since we know how other devices — including Nexus One in other countries — have been craving for the update which brings FLASH 1.01 support (not found anywhere else) on mobile phones.

Froyo brings more on quality in the form of enhanced voice recognition, fastest browser on mobile phones, smoother interface, cloud support and many other exciting features.

Reportedly, only 4000 Nexus One will be sold by KT starting June 17 (that’s today if you’re lost somewhere else) which implies you really need to rush to purchase one or two for you and your friends/relatives before it’s goes out of stock – it’s hot trend these days to become ‘outsold’ for Android devices. Remember the saga of Droid Incredible and HTC EVO, even Motorola says its Droid is suffering.

Moreover, KT is offering Nexus One for 699,600 won (that’s $577) without contract. Google is yet to give a word on when other Nexus One users will get the boat to Android 2.2, Froyo.

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