Key Concepts For CompTIA A+ 220-901 Certification Exam


CompTIA is an entrusted organization that issues certifications to professionals in the computer technical support. CompTIA A+ certification is designed to validate the professionals with knowledge and understanding of computer hardware and its overall maintenance. CompTIA 220-901 is an exam that is generally aimed at computer support staff and repair crew.

It leads to the award of CompTIA A+ certification after completion of 220-902 exam. The exam has the following features:

  • It is offered in the following languages English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, French, and Spanish
  • It is set to cost 211 USD
  • The questions are 90 of multiple choice

In the past, CompTIA A+ certification hasn’t been on the top list. This is because of the false representation that they are only needed when all others fail. In the current job market specialization is highly appreciated and encouraged. This is due to the fact that computing is a very wide field. The wideness thus cannot allow a single individual to become an expert in all the aspects of computing. It requires an individual to become a jack of all trades but a master of one. This means that despite the fact that computing is a wide field one is expected to understand a bit of everything but can master at least one skill. This implies that we require the repair crew as much as we require the network administrators and programmers.

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CompTIA 220-901 certification exam teaches the candidates during the preparation process and then validates their knowledge and skills regarding the majority of the aspects of computing. After completing the exam, the candidates are confident enough to tackle any task related to PC hardware, peripherals, mobile devices, networking, etc. Some of the topics included in CompTIA 220-901 exam cover:

  • Hardware
  • Windows Operating System
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Networking
  • Hardware and network troubleshooting
  • Security
  • Mobile devices
  • Other OS and technologies



Hardware refers to the tangible parts of a computer. At first glance, this looks like the easiest part of computing. This is mostly due to the fact that we can see how they operate. That is very far from the truth. The constant changing state of hardware products provides a very hard task. The technologies that seemed to be in one point could all change with the blink of an eye. The introduction of Compact Disks and DVDs were seen as the front line in terms of storage but at the moment they are nowhere to be seen. Hardware involves learning how to set up and operate the various parts of a computer and how to use them appropriately.

Windows Operating System

Windows Operating system is a software responsible for laying the foundations in the computer for other software. Windows is under the giant Microsoft. As of the year 2011, a massive 91.2 percent of computer traffic belonged to the Windows brand of operating system. It is crystal clear that there is a very high need for experts who can repair and maintain the Windows Operating System. According to most users, this type of operating system has a high tendency of crashing, hence acquiring the skills under CompTIA A+ certification is good.

Software Troubleshooting

Software troubleshooting involves looking for problems in software and trying to fix them. CompTIA220-901 exam tries to show its audience the various ways of solving problems involving software. Most software problems result in the user requirement step. Due to the very low development time usually allocated to software development time. It’s almost guaranteed to have bugs. It’s the duty of technical support to have various ways of identifying these errors and finding ways to fix them. As computers work on the principal that Garbage In Garbage Out(GIGO) then it is very crucial to identify errors early to avoid errors on a grander scale.


Networking is the art of connecting more than one computer to communicate successfully. Networking in most circles is considered an art in its respect. This is because factors such as cable management and the type of topologies used to play a huge role. In today’s world, networking is a huge factor due to most companies embracing distributed systems. Distributed systems are systems that can be used in more than one physical location concurrently. Networking is very crucial as it also helps companies to save resources such as printers. These factors mean that networking is crucial and it will always need experts in it.

Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

Hardware and Network troubleshooting are dealing with problems that limit the normal day to day usage of the hardware devices or network. 220-901 exam equips the learner with the capability not only to find the root cause of the problem but how to fix it. The act of finding the problem normally presents a huge challenge to many individuals.


Security is the act of safeguarding the information in computers from loss, accidental access, unauthorized manipulation, and deletion. Most firms are migrating their data to computers in order to prevent a ripe avenue for hackers to gain access to this data. This shows that there is a very desperate need for individuals who will be responsible for protecting this data.

Mobile devices

Mobile devices are one of the largest growing avenues in computing. It is also one of the most changing avenues in computing. There is a very large vacuum in the mobile sector both in terms of development and repair. CompTIA220-901 exam tries to give individuals the skills required to fill this vacuum in this sector.

Other OS Technologies

Other OS and technologies refer to other operating systems like Linux and Unix. The fact that they are not mostly used by experts means they are sometimes ignored. Regardless of that fact they play a very crucial part. Linux, for example, is mainly used in network administration and security. This means that an individual who has prior knowledge of Linux can easily become a network administrator. Other technologies such as understanding of assembly language can seem old and outdated but can at times prove to be very crucial.


Information Technology field molds those who undertake it to be very all rounded and ready to face any task that is available in the field. It is therefore advisable for anyone interested in this line of computer hardware manipulation to pursue it. The 220-901 certification exam is the first step for you to develop your skills in Networking field and get a wide of range of opportunities to boost your career.

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