Is LG Icon the next flagship device from the company?

Lg icon

We recently learned that LG is planning on rebranding the G series flagship smartphones. It was reported that the next flagship from LG, the G7, may get a different name. But according to a new report, that may not be the case, at least for now.

The report suggests that this year LG will stick with the G moniker. That means that the LG G7 will most likely be what the 2018 flagship will be named. Perhaps next year onwards, LG may change the names, and the company has already trademarked some.

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Now, prolific leaker Evan Blass discovered new trademark filings made by LG on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website, with device names such as LG Icon, LG Aiconn, and LG Aicon. The Korean manufacturer has even submitted trademark for a smartwatch name called LG Iconic.

It is very likely that LG could use these names for their next-gen smartphones and smartwatches. But we’re not sure when this will happen. There are chances that it may not happen as well because companies sometimes trademark names and never use them. LG Icon and LG Iconic do sound pretty cool though, don’t you think?

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