Is Asus ZenFone 6 waterproof?

Asus’s latest flagship phone, the ZenFone 6 has been received quite well so far. The notch less display and flip camera along with a powerful 5000mAh battery make this phone a serious contender among mid-range and flagship phones alike.

One of the major features, a dual-lens main camera system which combines the 48MP main lens and 13MP wide-angle lens camera, flips from the back of the phone to also perform the role of a selfie camera. Yes, this phone has some cool tricks up its sleeve.

The Nano Edge Display (as Asus is calling it) is basically this 6.4-inch expanse of all screen that is made for an intense viewing experience. Also, the cherry on the icing is that it runs on Snapdragon 855. Basically, Asus is giving you a great camera, viewing experience and performance all for a starting price of $499.

They did give up some features to keep this phone in the mid-range segment though. The ZenFone 6 does not have an IP rating which means it’s not waterproof.

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What do IP ratings mean?

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating number is split into two digits, the first digit is for solid resistance (e.g. to dust) and the second digit is for moisture protection (i.e. to liquids). These figures range from one to nine (with one indicating no protection and nine indicating it’s resistant to prolonged immersion under pressure).

If a phone has an IP rating, it is considered to have great protection against dust and temporary immersion.

Why does Asus ZenFone 6 not have an IP Rating?

There is no denying that the ZenFone 6 offers flagship-level features. But Asus probably decided to forgo the rating because it adds to the cost of the phone. They wanted to keep the phone at its current super-competitive price.

We think that Asus’s ingenious camera is worth the sacrifice of being waterproof. Besides, we will come to know how well this phone holds up against water when reviewers start testing it. After all, the OnePlus 7 Pro can most definitely stay underwater for 13 minutes and it still decided to forgo the IP Rating to keep the phone’s cost down.

But how much does it matter to you that the ZenFone 6 be waterproof? Do let us know in the comments!


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  1. The only point makes me hesitated to buy this phone is waterproof. I like to do outdoor activities, and where I live is a humid area that always rains. The flipping camera makes the phone not possible to make selfie when put in a waterproof bag. Therefore, if the phone is not waterproof, I have to choose between selfie/waterproof.
    Of course, if it’s water resisting without IP certificate, that doesn’t matter, as long as it functions.

  2. Valmor Luis Castro Junior

    taking in mind that you can lose your phone just by dropping it on water and a cell phone costs a huge amount of money (at least here in Brazil, where we have the most expensive iphone prices in the world and other phone brands are used to follow this “policy”), yeah, being waterproof is a MUST HAVE feature… In countries were it’s really affordable, maybe it won’t be a big deal at all, but here at the third world, it is for sure…

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