iPhone 7 Support End Date: How Many Updates Will iPhone 7 And 7 Plus Get?

iPhone 7 was the first truly black iPhone to be released to the public back in 2016. Fitted with the A10 Fusion chip, it offered great performance and battery life when compared to its predecessors.

Now that it’s been 6 years since the phone was released, questions around future support have started to arise. So how long will iOS be supported by Apple? Let’s find out!

Will iPhone 7 get iOS 16?

Unfortunately no, iOS 15 is the end of the line for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which means, you will no longer be able to use features available on iOS 16. The devices currently run iOS 15.6.1, a version which got released on August 17, 2022. 

This comes as a surprising move from Apple where many expected the phone to receive the new update thanks to its still relevant performance and processing power. But it seems that newly introduced features, APIs, and SDKs have a few requirements that can only be supported by iPhone SE 2nd gen and later. 

How long will the iPhone 7 be supported?

The iPhone 7 will be officially supported till September 12, 2022, which is when iOS 16 gets released. After the iOS 16 release takes place, Apple may stop signing iOS 15.6.1 within a month of the release. Unless the company sends additional security updates for iPhone 7, iOS 15.6.1 could be the end of support for this model. 

The iPhone 7 lineup joins the iPhone 5s to be the most supported iPhone to date as the latter received 6 feature updates during its lifetime; from iOS 7 to iOS 12. The iPhone 7 was released with iOS 10.0.1 out of the box and it currently runs iOS 15.6.1, which means it too has received six major updates to date.

There were some major UI and feature updates among these releases which go to show the performance that Apple can pull from older devices. Though many would argue that iOS 12 slowed down the device quite a bit, an update was issued nonetheless. It wasn’t until the phone’s performance was impacted that Apple stopped pushing out updates.

Does 2022 mean the end for iPhone 7?

iPhone 7 sets may no longer receive the version upgrades like iOS 16, but they may still receive a few security updates in the year 2022. The new security updates, if released, will be based on iOS 15 only, of course.

Is my phone useless if it stops receiving updates?

It depends on what useless means to you, if a phone with reduced security and outdated security patches is useless to you, then yes the iPhone 7 will become useless after it stops receiving updates.

However, this will not affect its functioning. You will still be able to make calls, play games, run apps and access the web using the device as long as no hardware failure occurs. It is just that your device will now be vulnerable to attacks and breaches as it will get no security updates.

As time passes, iOS 15.6.1 will stop supporting App updates and modern apps which eventually will force you to get a new device. This, however, will take some time and the phone should be functional for another 2 years at the least. 

We hope this guide helped shed some light on the lifespan of the iPhone 7. As such, these are just educated guesses based on Apple’s past support and patterns when it comes to software updates. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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  1. I brought iphone 7 plus in 2021 what is your opinion

    1. Hopefully you didn’t buy it for much.

      I’ve had the same iPhone 7 sense 2018 and it’s been working like a champ. No scratches or anything. But it’s been starting to show it’s age for the past year though. Not enough to warrant buying a new phone though!

      1. Exactly…i had still my iPhone 7 since 2016… Still kicking although the battery percentage capacity is 63% … But still… Using it for calls and text…and even browsing Facebook and messenger….

    2. I can’t update to iOS 15 which means I can’t use my inew iPhone watch so I have to get a new phone

    3. I bought in 2017 feb.no problem so far

  2. Add a few more years of security updates as well. The iPhone 5s has been getting security updates, last one was June 2021. I expect a couple years at least for extended security support as the new normal here going forward

    1. I thought security updates and support is the same no? Hope Iphone7 support will atleast to 2023. I wanna upgrade to Iphone 14 from Iphone7. Have my iphone from 2017 its holding great.
      I think Iphone7 will even get IOS16 next year if Iphone6 now did get IOS15. It should be supported to 2024 right? if Iphone 7 was discontinued back in 2019. That means security updates? or also getting all IOS builds.

      Dont know difference i just update whenever i can. Thought IOS 14 and now 15 is like security update.

      1. I had my iPhone 7 plus since 2021 and it has been working great now seeing the article that says that its going to be discontinued i am quite sad now because I have to kind of tell my grandad lots to get me the iphone 11 like he said he was going to I hope that the iphone 7 plus will last me a bit now until my grandad gets me the iphone 11

    2. Just update my iphone 7 plus to ios15.6

  3. I bought my iPhone 7 the first day it was available for purchase in 2016 and have enjoyed it ever since. Even counting the new iPhone 13 devices just released, I have not seen any features that have tempted me to buy any of the new ones along the way and the performance is still fine, counter to some of my previous iPhones nearing the end of their lives. The one minor exception is the battery life, which has, predictably deteriorated. These days, if I take it off the charger, it gets 80%+ discharged after 8 hours or so with o, or minimal usage. The only question for me now is whether I want to take it to the Apple store to get the battery replaced for $100 or so, or spend several hundred more to get the new phone and use the old one as a spare iPod.

    1. I spent €40 euros in Portugal to get my iPhone’s 7 battery replaced, and it was well worth it.

    2. In the US you can get an Iphone 7 battery replaced for you for $60 or a kit to do it yourself for $30. I would let someone else do it but they still wont pay to fix it if it breaks. At least they know what they are doing… (x-fingers)

    3. I bought a battery in amazon for 20€ with 3180mAh which is more than usual. I replaced it, in ifixit you have tutorials to do it by yourself

  4. My phone does not have the Also Available? I cannot get it to go any higher than 12.5.5, anyone know how to update this?

  5. I bought an iPhone 7 and the front camera of the messenger, Instagram, and Tik Tok does not work. what does it mean?

  6. Well, I’m an old curmudgeon. I have an iPhone 7 and I’ll NEVER pay anything close to the prices for a new iPhone — $599 – $799 – $1199 is NUTTY. So, looks like it’s iPhone 7 for me. Of course, at age 77 I may live another 15 years or another 15 minutes so I’m certain Apple is not interested in my opinion.

    1. Love your comment about being 77 — LOL me too. Opinions ARE very relevant to the situation at hand when you climb the decades. . . . .Here’s to 15 more old guy

    2. Love your comment

    3. Haha old guy things were built to last when we were young this throw away economy is bad on so many levels. We would repair our well made leather shoes our saucepans lasted a lifetime . And we used the telephone box at the corner of the street. Different times. Enjoy your day 🙂

  7. Our iPhone 7 stopped getting service after the last update. It works perfectly well with WIFI but won’t respond to a SIM card. 😖 We were forced to upgrade.

  8. Hello! IOS 15 updated on my IPhone 07 on 5/29/22. Everything seems normal accept “Near By Friends” which I use constantly.
    I click on the APP, Near By Friends and followed the instruction menu. Clicked IOS etc. Go back to NBF’s and the menu keeps coming back asking the questions. ???

  9. My iPhone 7 Plus received an update a few weeks ago and now it is eating up data like crazy.
    Anyone else been having that issue?

    1. Actually, yeah. It might be a glitch though. Claims that since the beginning of July (aka a week ago) I’ve used over 50 gigs of data, even though I don’t use my phone for much else other than Instagram, Safari, and texting (and last month total I used like 28 gigs).

      I still think it’s a glitch, hopefully fixable even without new updates.

      1. Pop into an iPhone store, after making an appointment, and get them to load a fresh copy of iOS, as the iOS you upgraded to over the air maybe faulty. I had to do that a few months ago as I had battery and other problems. After they reloaded a copy that they have on their computers it sorted my problems. Try it as it can’t hurt.

  10. The reason all this data is being eat up is these Covid notification Apple so generously applied for new update

  11. I’ve never had an iPhone, I think they are grossly overpriced.
    Having said that: A friend is very happy with the iPhone 7 he’s been using for a few years, which he bought new for about £300, so I was considering buying one SH for about £100.
    But now it looks like they will become obsolete, so what would you all recomend as a replacement ?
    I dont play games, just for phone calls, and possibly the ocassion web use.

    1. The IPhone 7 should be fine for that as long as you don’t do online banking or anything that you wouldn’t want someone to see or hack or steal

  12. This quite unfortunate for us using the iphone7 tho I don’t have means of buying a new device but it’s really heartbreaking not getting more updates and security it means the iphone7 is not useful after a couple of years which will make me have not good phone to use.

  13. I purchased my iPhone7+ in Jan 2017 with 256Gb storage. It’s worked wonderfully, and still does. It’s not slow at all … but remember, the word “slowness” is all relevant. If your device is connected to a slow WiFi network or a very distant cellular antenna (i.e. 1-bar service), the device will have slow response times. This is not a shortcoming of the iPhone because network slowness will slow down ANY mobile device. I have a very fast, state-of-the-art home WiFi network so my iPhone7+ returns fast response times. Accordingly, i do not plan on replacing it until 2025.

    1. p.s. i had to replace only the battery (in 2022) which was worn down, for under $50. Considering that this will allow my iPhone7+ for another few years, it’s money well spent. Sure beats paying upwards of $1,200 for a new iPhone14 next month.

  14. Hi my name is Andrew dever I have are iPhone 7 and I would like to know after the end off 15.5 does that mean my phone stop working all together

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