Images of AT&T Optimus G (E970) and Sprint Optimus G (LS970) leak

We already know that the LG Optimus G is headed out to AT&T and Sprint very soon. Given the specs this powerhouse packs, it is natural for consumer interest to be piqued, and information about the device to leak out from a variety of sources.

Twitter user @evleaks has posted pics of what clearly appear to be the AT&T and Sprint avatars of the Optimus G. The AT&T version bears the model number LG-E970, and its Sprint cousin goes by LG-LS970, as you can see from the pics of the back panel for both phones.

 Whether these are actual pics, or clever make-ups, I guess we will have to wait till these babies are out on both carriers, or till such time as AT&T and Sprint decide to start their campaign leading to launch. What do you think?