Huawei Watch could be delayed till 2016 in China, To launch in Europe and U.S. in Q3

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It appears like the Chinese tech maker Huawei is facing serious issues in making adjustments that are necessary to announce the Huawei Watch in its home market. Previously, it was believed that the Huawei Watch might launch sometime in September or October in China, but a recent report suggests that the delay could be longer than it was expected.

The report quotes the manager for wearables at Huawei, Yang Yong stating that the firm is facing problems with the Google’s Android Wear platform in China. Contradictorily, a previous report stated that Huawei plans to launch the wearable device in China without all the Google services that will be pre-loaded on the Android Wear smartwatches.

As the services of Google are not too popular in China, Huawei plans to modify the operating system by replacing the Google services with the ones that the Chinese users will use. However, it seems like it is not easy to do the same with smartwatches as in the case of smartphones.

The Android Wear platform is closely locked than the Android build meant for smartphones and tablets. This could probably be the reason for the firm to delay the launch of the Huawei Watch in China.

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As per the recent report that suggests that the delay could be longer, Yang did not rule out the chances of the Huawei Watch getting released in the firm’s homeland in the next year.

Fortunately, the potential buyers of the Huawei Watch in the Western markets will not be affected due to the delay of the device’s launch in China. Yang has revealed that the wearable might be launched in select Western markets in the third quarter of this year.

The Huawei executive further stated that Huawei will use this delay to bring about further design tweaks to the hardware making the Chinese version of the device unique. The Chinese users will be able to get a less bulky variant of the Huawei Watch.

The Huawei Watch features an ultra sharp display that is round in shape and it has a design that resembles a classical wrist watch.

Source: WSJ, Via: Android Authority