Huawei Smartwatch with 4G LTE teased, could be unveiled at MWC

Well, it’s only a few more weeks for one of the biggest tech events of Q1 of 2015, the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Naturally, every one of us is curious to see what gadgets will be unveiled by the best of industries. While some of them are keeping their stuff for until the MWC, some have already sent out teasers to get us excited.

One of those companies is Huawei which just released two teaser images. You can see the tagline in the image “Next is here”. According to speculations, this tagline gives faint hints about 2 new devices which can possibly be announced during the show. The device can either be a new phone or possibly a new Huawei Smartwatch.

But, it will most likely be a Smartwatch since the company recently announced that there will be one sometime this year. In one of the images, a crescent shaped curve with a star at the end is featured. This probably could hint at a curved Huawei smartwatch. As the teaser images show a 4G LTE logo in the upper left corner, the watch could be a stand alone unit with support for the high speed networks. Also, there were rumors that the watch will run on Android Wear.

Huawei Honor X2 Teaser

The second teaser is most probably for the Huawei Honor X2. It is expected to feature a 7 inch screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920, including 3GB of RAM and backed by a 5500mAh. However, the MWC will be here soon enough and finally, the wait will be over!

Via: PhoneArena