Huawei SmaKit S7, an android tablet with 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor

Huawei SmaKit S7 android tablet

Want an iPad running Android? Well, that’s possible, we have seen an iPhone 3G running android but at the same time it very unlikely as of now, for the iPad. But here is your chance to experience something alike in Huawei SmaKit S7 from the Chinese major, Huawei.

The SmaKit S7 is powered by a 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm which makes it the most powerful android tablet we have heard of. Nothing much is available right now in specs and exact size, let alone release date of the tablet but as far as aesthetics go, it’s hot. It looks beautiful, stylish, slim and dons a HTC EVO like back stand too (of course, bigger in size). What we want is Android 2.2 (or at least 2.1) to make it the perfect android gadget (less phone functions) for tablet wannabes. WiFi is quite obviously on the list, no?

Reportedly, the SmaKit S7 will also support telephony functions (maybe over VoIP) and 3G, but the gravity this statement will be known only after Huawei makes an formal announcement and reveals full details on the June 24 event meant for it. Further, our Australian android fans will be the first to experience it. That apart we would also like to hear a rumor or two about a 2 Ghz android tablet, like the much gossiped Motorola 2 Ghz phone.

So, if a 5 inch $88 android tablet by Acorp was simply not enough for you, SmaKit S7 from the Chinese telecom equipment maker is what you were really looking after.

How do you feel about this and what will be your spec sheet, say it down in comments. And are you in for this tablet?

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  1. Smakit will be around 200 and will come with 2.1 and may (well atleast I hope so) it will be upgraded to 2.2 or even maybe 3.0 I can’t wait for this

  2. @shivam yea heres the link to the youtube vid

    if you hear what he says it will be around 200 and will come this summer iv bein on this thing for ever since i read about it theres a british website pre saleing it but they dont kno the real price so there over charging for it at 300 british pounds which is a lot more than what the rep said with the link i said and it will start shipping in july i belive and there will be a press confrance the 24th in aus if you can tell lol so they might sale at aus which is great news cuz it means that when sold there you can buy from some website and get it cheaper than you would here in the us but iv also heard that it will be first sold in eur. which wwould suck :p

    heres the link on the pre sale

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