Huawei Mate 10 Lite Oreo update now rolling out with EMUI 8.0 UI

Huawei Mate 10 Lite

A couple weeks ago, Huawei Pakistan got a little too excited and made a premature announcement that Android Oreo was rolling out to the Huawei Mate 10 Lite. Upon realizing the mistake, the company’s Twitter handle was updated with fresh details, stating that the update will be ready beginning April 30th.

Well, Huawei Pakistan has once again updated its Twitter handle, stating that Android Oreo is now available for the Mate 10 Lite. Whether this is also another case of overexcitement or the OS is actually rolling out can only be confirmed once users of the phone get the update.

Like any other Huawei Oreo update, Mate 10 Lite users will get EMUI 8.0 on top of Oreo, which brings a flurry of new features with it. Do let us know if you have received the update down in the comments box.

Also, note that since this is an announcement made by Huawei Pakistan, the initial rollout is limited to the Asian country. We expect the rollout to expand to other regions in the coming weeks.

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  1. In Czech Republic, there was activated Beta program of Oreo for Mate 10 Lite, but it was cancelled yesterday with no beta update on approved phones a all.

  2. Got my update last night and its amazing everything is so smooth battery timing is not too gud i thnk its consuming so much battery other than that everything is awsm

  3. Any body tells when will it be come

    1. Zeshan bro its finally here u can apdate to oreo 😉😎

  4. I’m waiting it from 30th April

  5. From Multan Pakistan

  6. Still no updates

  7. hi, i want to know about mate 10 lite update when available in dubai

  8. I’ve received the update yesterday but did not update it that day. I decided to update it today but the update was gone, I already checked for updates for multiple times but nothing build number is RNE-L21C185B142 please someone help me

  9. Yes, the update has rolled out with a mix of advantages and disadvantages.

    1. Dominic Karnath (Domiking)


      1. Well, EMUI 8 seems way more complex than it should be. Instead of the great and simplified settings menu of EMUI 5.1, you get a weird clunky settings and even the phone manager has gotten some of its features moved to a weird area in the settings. Also, the phone manager even feels a little like a weird Chinese copy. Also, holy crap the bloatware. Get ready to uninstall multiple apps that you didn’t have before. And there’s a new Huawei app store now which you just shouldn’t use since it collects data but you can easily disable it in the app. There was also this one volume boosting trick I used to do but it doesn’t work as well now.

      2. Other than that, it’s a good update bringing all the features of Android Oreo like picture in picture and home screen shortcuts. The storage space also has seemed to increased because of a new way to partition data. The phone feels faster, there’s Project Treble support so updates are faster, the battery life got even better, boot times are faster, Huawei says there’s now AI optimizations, so updating your phone would actually be way better unless you want to do that audio booster trick for headphones. Also, Chrome seems to work way smoother now and even if the Phone Manager is a bit weird, it can now optimize and clean data insanely more faster than before

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