Huawei knew Galaxy Fold design was bad!

Samsung's Galaxy Fold folds inward.

The fight to grab the foldable phone market-share has gripped both Samsung and Huawei, both going up against each other their first foldable phones in Galaxy Fold and Mate X respectively.

Huawei design for the Mate X has garnered the Chinese tech giant some good reviews, with many preferring the out-folding screen on the device in comparison to Galaxy Fold which features a small 4.6-inch cover display on the front, and a big folding display inside.

Now, Huawei consumer CEO, Richard Yu, has revealed some interesting info on the design that Samsung employed for the Galaxy Fold. He said that Huawei actually built a prototype of a foldable phone like Galaxy Fold, but they decide it to be not good enough, and thus discarded it.

According to Yu’s revelations to Business Insider, having two screens, one on the front and the other in the back makes Samsung Fold too heavy.

Yu also told that Huawei had several solutions as well as three projects running simultaneously. Although Huawei had a better plan for something even better than Galaxy Fold, they had to abandon their ideas, according to the CEO.

Samsung Galaxy Fold colors

Many analysts have preferred the Mate X over Galaxy Fold for some simple advantages. The Mate X is thinner and has a bigger screen in phone and tablet modes. Analysts believe the outward-folding design will stress the device-screen less too.

The Huawei Mate X folds outward, and turns into a tablet.In terms of disadvantages, the Mate X screen is more vulnerable to scratches as it remains folded outwards. However, Galaxy Fold is more prone to gather dust and other similar damaging objects.

Huawei Mate X is priced at $2,600 while Samsung Galaxy Fold will cost $1,980 in Europe. Analysts think that both phones are pricey because people would not want to spend $2,000 on phones that are more of a prototype than a final design.

Analysts are also convinced that the hinging display and mechanism of the foldable phones make them more prone to technical glitches. They also believe these phones will last shorter than the Candybar smartphones we have currently due to their hinging mechanisms.

However, the verdict is that it’s too early to argue about which phone is better as the idea of foldable phones is pretty new, the analysts suggest.

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