Huawei Honor Play Tips

One of the mobile brands that have really impressed with its growth in the recent past is Huwaei’s Honor. People look forward to the launch of each and every mobile. One such phone that is on everyone’s lips is the Honor Play.

With a huge size of 6.3 inches and sleek design, Honor Play has become the center of attraction in the mobile market today. If you have one and are checking its features, try the below-mentioned points too.

Hide the Notch

While the default settings include the notch in the upper center of the screen but if you do not like it, you can easily remove it using the following steps mentioned below:

Settings > Display > Notch > Hide Notch

Full-screen display

This feature lets you run the applications selected by you on complete screen with a better view and larger area to work on. To enable the feature, follow these steps:

Settings > Display > Full-screen display > Select the apps for which you want to apply it

View Mode

This is another feature you can try out. There are three modes available namely small, default and large. In large mode elements on the screen will appear bigger while in the small mode more content will be displayed. Default mode is the usual mode. This can be enabled by following the steps mentioned below:

Settings > Display > View mode > Select the mode

Enrol face

With this feature you can register your face to unlock the device. Then, whenever you want to unlock the device, just press the power button and be in front of the screen, device will be unlocked automatically.

Settings > Enrol face > Register your face

System Navigation

The variety available in the System Navigation of this handset is quite good. Follow the steps mentioned below to change the default settings:

Settings > System > System navigation > Choose the type of navigation you want

Three types of Navigation are available on this device namely:

  • Single-Key navigation: This navigation uses only one key placed at the lower center of the screen. The rules to use this type of navigation are described with the help of the image below:

  • Three-Key navigation: This is the default navigation system of this handset. You get three different keys to control the navigation system. You can also select a combination of navigation keys as shown in the image below:

  • Navigation dock: If you enable this feature, you get a circle on the screen through which navigation on the device works. Follow the guidelines described in the images below for its proper functioning:

Motion Control

Honor Play supports different types of motions which are listed below. To enable the Motion control, follow these steps:

Settings > Smart assistance > Motion Control > Select the motion you want to enable

  • Flip: If you enable this option, you can mute the incoming calls or timers/alarms just by flipping down the mobile phone.

  • Pick up: With this option activated on your phone, the volume of ringtones, alarms, and timers reduces once you pick up the phone. Also if you enable the option to wake up the device, your screen will automatically wake up as soon as you pick it up.

  • Raise to ear:  Assume that you get stuck in a situation where you cannot swipe up to take a call. But if this feature is enabled, you just need to take the phone close to your ear and can carry on the conversation easily. While if you need to make a call in such a circumstance, you just need to raise the contact details to your ear and the call will take place immediately.

  • Three-finger screenshot: To take a screenshot you do not need to follow the traditional method. You just need to drag down your three fingers down the screen and it will be taken automatically.

Apps and Notifications

This feature manages app notifications and app permissions. You can also create a twin of any app if you have two accounts of any application. Changes can also be done in the settings of the status bar like where to show battery percentage, notifications method, whether to display carrier name, etc.

Fingerprints and Gestures

Security and privacy of your mobile phone can be maintained using the options of this feature. You can add more than one fingerprints using fingerprint ID option. The options in the touch and hold gesture make the life of users quite easy. You can take a photo/video, answer a call and stop the alarm, etc. using the fingerprints once you enable the respective option.

Touch-disable and Gloves mode

If you enable touch-disable mode, it prevents mistaken operations out on the phone when it is in your pocket while activation of gloves mode help you to operate your mobile properly even if your gloves are on.

Settings > Smart assistance > Gloves mode/Touch-disable

Which tips and tricks are you using to get the most out of your Honor Play? Share with us in your comments below.