Huawei Honor 6X users in India can apply for Nougat update beta testing now

We’re already into March of 2017 and Huawei has just started beta testing Nougat for the Honor 6X. What can I say, better late than never eh. Well, Honor 6X fans in India will be able to rejoice on seeing this so nothing’s lost.

What is the point of beta testing you ask? Well aside from the fact that you’ll be able to have a go at the latest iteration of Android before your mortal friends do, you will also be a part of a forum where you will encounter bugs and performance issues. You will have to report these problems in the respective forum where they will eventually be resolved with time through second and third releases of the Nougat beta.

Other than that, Huawei is also offering you the chance to win special rewards based on your performance at the BETA program. You may also get a chance to attend fan meetups and new product launches.

Without further ado, let’s proceed into what needs to be done to enroll into Huawei’s BETA program. First things first, since I already mentioned Indian fans, you know what’s coming next. You can only register for the program if the model number of your Honor 6X conforms to BLL- L22.

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Another very important point to note is that you will only receive the beta OTA if your Honor 6X is already running software version BLL- L22C675B150 or BLL- L22C675B132 or BLL- L22C675B131. So please take care to check these before proceeding to register. Failing to do so will leave you wondering where your OTA for Nougat beta is.

But there isn’t much time left as starting today you have about two weeks to get yourself registered as the register window will only stay open from 7th March till 21st March 2017. On top of that the BETA program accepts only 50 members for the first batch. You would probably be accepted on a first cum first serve basis. So click on the link provided down below to enroll into the program.

→ Honor 6X Nougat beta registration link

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