Huawei Honor 4X Marshmallow Update release details

Update: Huawei has closed the registration of Marshmallow update’s experience version for Honor 4X, now, and the company says that the stable version will be released shortly. Yes, finally, Honor 4X Marshmallow update is close to release, more than ever.

honor 4x Marshmallow release date

Update (June 09, 2016): We know we told you about the Feb 2016 release date of Marshmallow update for Honor 4X, later delayed to April 2016, but it’s the June’s sun we’re seeing and still no 6.0 for Honor 4X. Well, the Huawei software team is well aware of it, and is surely working on it.

The company’s twitter handle is providing up-to-date info on Honor 4X 6.0 update, and here are some tweets that make it clear that Huawei cares, and what’s really going in with Honor 4X 6.0 update.

Mainly, it’s the Qualcomm’s hardware that’s making the job longer for Huawei as it needs extra optimization and stuff. Maybe this is excuse, but we wouldn’t want to believe it that way. Currently, experience update is available, that’s one step lower than stable version, for which Huawei says should come soon too.

→ BTW, to test out the experience version (pre-release version) of the Honor 4X Marshmallow update, click this link and then register thereat. Then wait until Huawei sends the update to your device.

honor 4x Marshmallow update release

honor 4x 6.0 release

Marshmallow experience

Marshmallow beta

So, as of June 09, 2016, there is no stable version of Marshmallow update available, which should change soon, as the company is pretty close to release the 6.0 update for Honor 4X.

Update: After playing with a tentative Marshmallow release date of February 2016 ever since users began for it, which gained more traction this month for obvious reasons, Huawei has pushed the date to further back to April 2016 recently. This is disappointing piece of news for Honor 4x users who deserve to taste the Marshmallow update sooner than later, and have been patiently waiting for it.

As you can see in the multiple instances below (taken from Huawei’s Twitter handle), the team has repeatedly confirmed that the Honor 4X Android 6.0 update will be rolling out in April 2016, not February as was earlier estimated. We think the Holly2 Plus Marshmallow update will meet similar fate too.

honor 4x Marshmallow update release announcement

Original article: We know many fans will be wondering when Honor 4X Marshmallow update is going to be released, if it ever will be. Well, there is some good news!

If you have a thing for technology, then you would definitely be wondering whether your device will get the best of Android in Marshmallow update or not. If your device is Huawei Honor 4X, then you’re in luck.

Despite being a budget device launched with Android 4.4 KitKat, that didn’t see a day under the sun in Lollipop for many, may months, we can confirm that the Honor 4X is eligible for Android 6.0 Marshmallow update.

Honor 4X Marshmallow Update: what to expect?

Well, there will be certainly some great cool new features to make sure you get to understand the so-much-hype about the 6.0 update.

For example, the Doze mode, that makes your device sleep like a baby at so much peace that would result in noticeably huge battery savings at night.

Another cool Marshmallow specific feature is App-standby, that hibernates your unused apps completely so that they don’t eat your device’s internet, memory or anything until and unless you open that yourself.

Then there is new apps permissions management. You can also dig into detailed memory usage reports and identify exactly which apps ate how much of your device’s most precious resource, the RAM. If you wanted to know which app is slowing down your Honor 4X, it’s ultra easy to do so now.

Another exciting feature you’d love on Marshmallow is system-level support for microSD card. You can format the microSD card for your honor 4X, which makes it ready to install apps, basically treating the SD card as internal storage. This is great! However, you will have to format the card before being able to use it anywhere else than your own Honor 4X. It’s still great, right? This is a great way to expand internal storage, that easily.

How your Honor 4X handles app links (you know, which kind of link to open in which apps, and not browser) even better than ever in Marshmallow. And the text selection has improved a lot too.

You will also get the ability to delete screenshots right from the notification shade of your Honor 4X. So, if you take a wrong screenshot on Marshmallow, you won’t have to scrawl your way to gallery, and then screenshots folder, to delete it.

Settings have been given a rethought too. This aren’t big changes, so you will often find them under a menu or two, but you’ll notice how important new features are. For example, ‘Network security reset’ feature under Settings removes all information about paired devices and passwords, which is pretty helpful. There are some more cool features like this in Settings.

Finally, you get a new easter egg, a renewed flappy bird game with Android in place of a bird, always a good companion when you are waiting in line and don’t have an active internet connection to kill the time.

Honor 4X Marshmallow Update: What NOT to expect

Marshmallow is not all about the features we talked about right above. In fact, it’s lot more than those some particular features that we think every old device getting an update to Android 6.0 would get.

Actually, your OEM (in your case, Huawei), decides what and how much to bring in from a new Android update to the old device that’s being updated. Of course, not all features could be brought in for lack of resources of any given deivce, but as far as Honor 4X is concerned, you will be missing out on some cool features definitely.

Because Huawei uses its own custom skin (which isn’t bad, and most OEMs do), Huawei will keep its own UI and features as against similar changes introduced in Marshmallow.

For example, you won’t get Google’s own launcher, and new app drawer by default, but you can get it by installing from play store.

On the Honor 4X, you won’t get Android Pay, full device Encryption, etc. while many things for which support was added in Marshmallow are irrelevant to you because of hardware limitation: Fingerprint scanner, Type C charging, etc. stuff.

Honor 4X Marshmallow Update Release Date

Huawei is readying the Honor 4X Marshmallow update and its OTA and firmware, but would be releasing the update on more popular and premium devices at first. You’ll see Honor 7, Ascend P8, Mate 7 and the like receive Marshmallow update earlier than Honor 4X, but your device’s time will come.

When? Well, expect the Honor 4X Marshmallow update to roll out sometime in March 2016.

That’s long wait, yes. We know patience isn’t your strong suit, but it is what it is. You have got to wait for Huawei here, and do let us tell you: the anticipated Marshmallow release for Honor 4X could stretch a bit longer, even to April or May of 2016.

If you are very keen on using Marshmallow right now, then we’d say you buy a used Nexus 5. It officially supported, runs Marshmallow already, and is a cool device to use.

Honor 4X CM13 and other Marshmallow ROMs

More popular devices like Galaxy S4/S5 and HTC One M7/M8/M9 and countless others would be getting the Marshmallow update unofficially as a custom ROM (chiefly, CM13) but not Honor 4X because there is very little developer support for the device.

There wasn’t a CM12 or CM12.1 ROM for Honor 4X, which means there won’t be any CM13 or any other AOSP Marshmallow ROM for your device.

That means you are totally dependent on Huawei to get you Android 6.0 update, until which, you have to make do with current software. Which isn’t bad actually, because whatever sacrifice you are making in Android updates, the Honor 4X got you covered with hardware and specs for its price.

Honor 4X Marshmallow Update: Wrap up

Is the expected March 2016 release of Android 6.0 update for Honor 4X okay to you? We know Honor 4X is a capable device, one that offers a lot more for its price, but software update isn’t its best-selling part.

And Marshmallow here so much to offer. You get it even on Nexus 4 (unofficially, via a custom ROM), and Nexus 5 (officially), which are available for cheap at your local place or local eBay web store.

What do you think you would do? Wait it our for Marshmallow? Or Marshmallow doesn’t seem like an update to try right away?

Do let us know what you think of the whole situation?

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