Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Rom for Wildfire in Development

We know there are many HTC Wildfire users who are looking up to internet in the hope of one cool Android 4.0 custom rom port for them, too. Wildfire packs in only 600MHz of processing power, btw, and even Google has expressed its inability to bring the Ice Cream Sandwich love to its 1GHz processor powered Nexus One, so it would be nothing less than a work of genius if somebody does port it over to Wildfire, or any phone powered by less than 1Ghz processor.

Anyway, kaassaus at XDA took the Droid Eris’ Android 4.0 ROM and replaced its boot.img with the Wildfire’s CM7’s boot.img while also editing the build.prop as required, to get the Android 4.0 booting on Wildfire. Well, it’s good to hear that an ICS Rom has booted, but that’s that — the touchscreen needs a fix (it currently shows a mouse pointer) and everything else needs to be done.

No doubt, it’s gonna take huge time, if this dream ever becomes a reality.

Those interested can share their views — and help, if you could — in the official development thread here.

Moreover, the current version of the Wildfire’s Android 4.0 ROM, dubbed as v0.1, is available for download here. (You can get the check the latest version available and download it form the official development thread linked above. Before applying it in recovery mode, be sure to backup your phone’s data and settings since it will wipe off everything, (except the data on sdcard).

To install Android 4.0 on Wildfire, download the v0.1 files of the rom and transfer it to your phone’s sdcard, from where you need to flash it after booting into recovery. If you don’t know what is recovery and are completely new to this, this is not for you.

We’ll be updating this post as and when significant development or improvement takes place, so be sure to check back here.

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  1. Htc wild fire is hard worked @ ice cream sandewich, my HTC have very hanged @ android 4

  2. Htc wild fire is hard worked @ ice cream sandewich, my HTC have very hanged @ android 4

  3. try SplashMod ICS 0.3 for Htc Wildfire

  4. try SplashMod ICS 0.3 for Htc Wildfire

  5. i update ics in wildfire..???

  6. i update ics in wildfire..???

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