HTC Puccini Gets More Pics Leaked. Pretty Neat Ones this time around.

So, HTC’s finally agreed that tablet specific version, Android 3.x honeycomb, is right for android tablets. Why, you may ask? Well, what else you can think off when the company announced and launched HTC Flyer on Android 2.x when the 3.x honeycomb was already launched and had set the android world on craze too. Anyways, the AT&T destined HTC Puccini got some good shots leaked out and we’ll admit it looks nice enough.

But, it would be foolish to expect a light-and-slim tablet — or phone or any device — from HTC but we wish HTC really hear us this time out because a heavy tablet — or let’s say, heavier than tab 10.1 or even heavier than Xoom and Transformer — won’t do any Puccini any favors. Especially after Samsung’s has shown with Tab 10.1 how a slim and perfectly light weight tablet is made.

HTC could say, our tablets support a stylus too to let you draw pics or anything you want better with the precision of the stylus, but that’s hardly a point one considers when buying a tablet — where it’s imperative that the weight doesn’t kill the fun right away.

HTC Puccini Pics

But credits to HTC for upping the processing power bar as far as tablets are concerned. All the tablets available today are equipped with 1 GHz dual-core processor but with Puccini HTC looks set to raise the bar to 1.5 GHz dual-core processor chips, made by Qualcomm. Yes, we like it — and maybe, that’s the only thing that’s exciting about the Puccini because we already nearly know that it would be a bit inferior to tab 10.1 in terms of display quality, weight, thickness, etc. So, there is really nothing big about the Puccini unless you’re a big fan HTC’s so-called build quality.

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