HTC One X+ Price in UK: £474. To be available from October 22

HTC One X+ was just announced by the company, and looking at its specs we are more than happy with HTC’s decision to launch a new device midway through the year, when it looked settled with an yearly flagship device launch plan. And to help those who are seriously thinking about buying one (X+, that is, see what I did there), the price of HTC One X+ is now available to ponder at and decide, for UK at least, where one can pre-order it now: £395 pre-tax and thus, £474 inclusive of VAT. That’s around $765, which is not bad for a fully unlocked device. Though, thanks to leaked pic of O2 One X+ box package, we already knew that the carrier will price One X+ £480, but on PAYG basis.

Moreover, if you order it now, you can expect to receive it in around 3 weeks, as delivery starts on October 22.

We’re sure many of you are waiting more than eagerly for the HTC One X+, given its sublime design — that looks and feels good, and is durable enough and is not so plasticky (looking at you Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3!) — and its striking spec-sheet, even though the list of upcoming phones include the likes of LG Optimus G, Galaxy Nexus 2 (or several Nexuses), HTC One X5 and already launch Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The HTC One X+ is a refreshed HTC One X, which was the company’s 2012 flagship device. The One X+ remains almost same – for good reasons only – to One X in terms of looks and screen size and quality, with some visible improvements made. The HTC One X+ improves in some very critical areas, as it comes with: 1.7 GHz Tegra 3 processor, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Android OS pre-installed, bigger 2100 mAh battery (note that One X’s battery life was already good, so improvement should make it pretty awesome now), and let’s not forget, it’s got massive 64 GB internal storage to make up fully for the lack of expandable storage due to lack of microSD card storage. Other than that, there are some very cool useful additions made to camera software and hardware (the front facing camera sports a 1.6 MP cam sensor), and lastly, a new version of Sense, simply called Sense 4+ – which should arrive on HTC One X and One S, soon, too.

Now, for the price of £474 (or $765 approx.) it sounds pretty good deal. Though, we would still have to kvetch a little bit about the RAM, which is still 1 GB, given the fact that we already have 2 GB of it in Galaxy Note 2, and upcoming LG Optimus G. Even so, the HTC One X+ sounds good and easily recommendable to buy if one takes looks and design into account, where One X+ scores all ticks while both Optimus G, and specially the Galaxy Note 2, aren’t going to win any awards; but one can be very hopeful in this regard with the Galaxy Nexus 2 (or whatever the next nexus is called).

Lastly, HTC One X’s price is £407, that’s £67 less than One X+, but given the improvements in processor, internal storage, camera, software and design, the One X+ is worth the extra 67 pounds.

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