HTC One M9 Release preps going on, Wi-Fi and NFC certified already

We know you’re quite excited about HTC’s next big thing, set to be unveiled by the company on March 1, all the more after its specs were outed recently. And then there’s HTC One M9 Plus, that certainly is even more solid option, especially for those who like the cut of big phones.

It’s looking very likely that the HTC One M9 and M9 Plus would launch very soon after they get the official status. The device has already been cleared at Wi-Fi and NFC certification agencies, and that’s a good sign of a device getting ready for release.

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HTC One M9 received the nod of Wi-Fi certification authorities on January 9, where it was listed with code no. 0PJA10000 and HTC 0PJA11000. Apparently, One M9 will support a/b/g standards in Wi-Fi, frequency being 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Moreover, it was on December 18, that HTC One M9 cleared the requirements laid down by NFC authorities. Model no. listed thereat was found to be HTC 0PJA110 and HTC 0PJA200.

It’s believed the device by the code name of 0PJA is none other than HTC One M9 (Hima) set.

Let’s hope the background work is done and the HTC One M9 is all set for release when the date arrives.

Source: HTC Source

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