HTC One M9 has new Bootloader menu, Fastboot is now called “Download Mode” and dancing Androids are no more

For years, HTC has had the same bootloader menu with white background and text in various colors along with three adorable dancing Androids at the bottom. The Bootloader menu has had links to Fastboot, Recovery and HBOOT. But things are changing with the One M9.

The Taiwanese company may not have put efforts in modifying the design of One M9 much, but there are quite a few surprises inside. The Fastboot mode which we’ve been using for most of our adventurous needs on HTC devices is now called “Download mode” on the One M9. It’s not only a rename, options like System info and “show barcode” are now moved to Download mode, also there’s even an option “Factory reset” in new download mode for bootloader unlocked devices.

HTC One M9 Bootloader Mode

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With this change, the new bootloader menu looks pretty neat now with the only options being Reboot, Reboot to bootloader, Boot into Download mode, Boot into Recovery mode and Power down. Also, sadly, the HTC One M9 bootloader menu has dropped those adorable dancing Androids that have embraced HTC’s bootloader mode for years.

HTC One M9 Download mode with Factory Reset Option
HTC One M9 Download mode with Factory Reset Option
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