HTC One M9 design confirmed by two separate leaks!

HTC One M9 vs One M8

Recently leaked pictures of HTC One M9 did prove that it very identical to One M8, as was rumored. Changes on the M9’s front are quite hard to spot, while it’s easy to figure what changed at the back, which included a large slightly squarish camera with white lines instead of black bisecting the One M9 at top and bottom. Today’s leak further confirms the earlier renders, and now have a One M8 by side for comparison.

The pic above is the first of the two leaks we’ve got today. You have the One M9 on left side, with One M8 lying in the middle, and right-most image is actually an overlay of One M9 over One M8. Cool trick to compare, right?

One M9 seems to have thinner bezels. And it looks like HTC has heard users’ cry over large space allotted to bezel below the display, where you have the HTC’s logo. It’s reduced to bare height required by Logo itself. On the face of One M9, the proximity sensor at the top in the middle of camera and earpiece on the upper part, has grown a bit. And same can be said of front facing camera, which must be housing a 5MP sensor now.

We can also spot the speaker grill shrinking down a bit, but let’s not dive too deep into it, after all, March 1 is not that far now, when HTC will certainly make One M9 all official, along with its fitness band, or smartwatch.

HTC One M9 Leaked Picture

Another leak that took place today, is of HTC One M9 case, that shows the device live, too. In an instant, you can spot that it’s One M9, thanks to larger camera sensor at the back, and also that there is no space for secondary lens that we occupied One M8’s top at the back. Moreover, the case also confirms that there is a button on the top, which has to be a power button. The extra button than the volume rocker on the right side must be then, a camera shutter.

Forbes are reporting that HTC will launch a fitness band along with HTC One M9, which contradicts the Bloomberg’s estimate of that other product being a smartwatch. HTC One M9 is rumored to feature a 64-bit Snapdragon processor, 3GB RAM, 20MP rear camera, 5″ Full HD display and microSD card slot. Android 5.0 Lollipop would come pre-installed on HTC One M9, codenamed Hima, with a new version of HTC’s custom skin, Sense 7, which will have improved Blinkfeed than last year. And a Glove Mode, for you-know-what.

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