HTC M4 to be a smaller and less powerful One with UltraPixel Camera?

With such a hit as the One on their hands, HTC seems to be looking to bank on its success and readying a mid-range device – codenamed the HTC M4, with a design similar to the One but with lower specs and perhaps much lesser use of premium materials.

An image of the HTC M4 has come courtesy of the dependable Evleaks Twitter account, which shows the exact same build and design as the One – reportedly, the M4 will sport a smaller 4.3″ 720p display and be powered by a dual-core processor along with 2GB of RAM, hinting at a cheaper sibling of HTC’s 2013 flagship for the mid-range market.

However, in terms of the camera, the M4 won’t be a downgrade as it is expected to sport an UltraPixel camera as the One, though there’s no saying if it is the same unit or a weaker/different one. Other specs that are said to be on-board are 16GB of storage, LTE connectivity, and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. A 1,700 mAh battery is said to be included to take care of all the power that mid-tier hardware would need, and we should also see dual front speakers if the above image is legit.

The HTC M4 is expected to be announced at the end of June, though other details such as release date or pricing aren’t known yet. With specs like these and a matching price tag to go along, HTC might just see enough sales for the M4, something that might give some serious competition to Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S4 Mini.

Any takers?

Via: The Verge