HTC Incredible HD Pics Leaked all Over Blogosphere


Looks like either of the Verizon or HTC minds have leaked images of the upcoming HTC Incredible HD, a 4G android phone, to many popular tech blogs.

If you thought LG was gaining all the highlights these days, very much thanks to its world’s first dual-core phone called LG Optimus 2X and another bombshell device, LG B (supposedly slimmer than iPhone), you are not wrong. But with HTC, that’s a matter of inferiority complexion. After all, the Company was very instrumental in the android progress ever since Google’s mobile OS launched.

While we haven’t heard of any dual-core processor phone stuff from the HTC, there is one phone with which we really have a lot expectations – the Incredible HD, a successor to HTC Incredible which was launched in year 2010 at Verizon.

Yesterday, images of the Incredible HD were leaked on the Internet — with different shots received by the some of the major tech blogs on the WWW. We’ve got some of them for you right here, so check them out and let us know how promising HTC Incredible HD looks to you.

Would you wait for it even if it lacks dual-core processor?

Incredible HD 4G phones

Incredible HD Leak Pics

Via: BGR

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