HTC EVO in White Uniform is Here, Full 5 Days Earlier. Is Droid X Responsible?

White HTC EVO on Best Buy available

Best Buy promised HTC’s white knight, the EVO from July 11 onwards but surprisingly, here you have it starting from today. Looks like the figures for expected demand were kind of overstated for the best Buy. And that too in the times when displays are still in shortage (hello Droid Incredible!).

Did Droid X caused this? We simply can’t refrain from betting heavily on this. What do you think?

Those who pre-ordered it might receive it full five days early, starting today but what’s icing on the cake is the fact that, the White HTC EVO is available to even who hadn’t ordered one earlier. Check out local stores of Best Buy. Good Luck!

We must say, it’s a must grab Android phone right now, if you need 4G capabilities and don’t want to head to Verizon for even superb 4.3 inch giant, the Droid X from Motorola, releasing on July 15. On the darker side, Droid X lacks 4G components of EVO — Yeah, Verizon lacks that too! — need we mention that, hmm?

Via Android Central

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