HTC Droid DNA battery test results are in, not so power hungry as you may think

The HTC Droid DNA is right up there with all the high-end Android devices, with specs that are second to none (not counting the measly 16 GB of non-expandable storage) and also beat all other devices in benchmarks quite easily. However, like every other HTC device, the Droid DNA comes with a battery capacity which doesn’t look too good when you consider the hardware it has to power, including that 5″ 1080p display.

However, it turns out that HTC knew what they were doing, and the 2,020 mAh battery of the Droid DNA managed to post some impressive scores in the battery test carried out by GSMArena – 11 hours of talk time, 6:40 hours of web browsing, and 7:30 hours of video playback, and an endurance score of 49 hours (considering an hour of calling, browsing and watching videos each day).

Despite a display with a resolution much higher than anything else on the market right now, the Droid DNA managed to beat the Galaxy S3 in browsing and talk time, and the Optimus G (which has quite a few specs similar to the DNA) in video playback. These aren’t exactly impressive scores and are dwarfed by the RAZR MAXX (is that a surprise?) and quite a few other devices, but fears of poor battery life, something which the One X is infamous for, should be put to rest.

Hit the source link below to see how the HTC Droid DNA fared against other devices and to get a full breakdown of the battery tests.