HTC 10 Nougat update rollout halted because of bugs found, fix and release is taking time

Update [January 15, 2017]: HTC 10 Nougat rollout will resume within the next 3 weeks and will come with January security patches. Check this page for more info.

Earlier today, HTC revealed that the company is planning to focus on fewer devices for 2017 and improve on other sectors. In spite of that we’ve got some unfortunate news in our hands right now with HTC putting the current Nougat roll out on standby for their flagship device, HTC 10.

Apparently certain prominent bugs had crept into the HTC 10 Nougat update firmware. HTC has gone ahead and opted to halt the Nougat roll-out for now and the issue is being taken care of. Meanwhile owners of the HTC 10 remain in limbo, where the few who received the update are stuck with the bugs.

We aren’t quite certain on the nature of the bugs/issues found in the firmware. It may take a while for HTC to resume OTA roll out again.

Meanwhile, if you’re keen on getting the Android 7.0 Nougat release running on your device, and you;re okay with installing a custom ROM as well. You might wanna give our Lineage OS download page a look to get Nougat running unofficially on your device.