HTC cuts down number of devices to launch in 2017

The Taiwanese giant HTC will only be debuting six to seven smartphones for 2017. According to HTC, this should allow them to focus more on the smartphones core feature. This move will also give HTC an opportunity to plan and deliver the upcoming Android O update on time to the 2017 portfolio of devices.

HTC is also set to focus on machine learning with the new U Play and U Ultra featuring the Sense Companion app. As stated by the President of Smartphone and Connected Devices Business, Chialin Chang, HTC will be integrating more third party services into the AI with the hope of integrating HTC closer into people’s personal lives.

We’ve also gleaned information from the executive that the flagship won’t be following the HTC 11 moniker. This could also mean that we will see the flagship launch this year given the limited number of devices HTC plans to release. It will be interesting to see how different HTC’s sense companion is to the competition out there.

Hopefully, HTC’s newer strategy for year 2017 brings them back into business. The company was rumored to close down amid poor sales and less confidence among investors in year 2016.

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