How to Zenfone 2 Bootloader in one click without Root

Unlocking bootloader of an Android device open up lots of possibilities, and is mainly done to be able to root the device. Root can be done with locked bootloader too, but once you’ve unlocked the bootloader, things are way, way easier. Luckily, Zenfone 2 users have got a very easy tool to unlock bootloader of their device, which requires none preparations, and does all the hacking on just one click. Credit for the tool goes to sorg, who has made it so easy for Zenfone 2 users to unlock their device effortlessly!

Before you go ahead and unlock your Zenfone 2’s bootloader, let us tell you that you need to be on specific firmware for this. Your device’s firmware has to be v2.19.40.18 or newer in case of Zenfone 2 ZE551ML, and v2.19.40.12 for Zenfone 2 ZE550ML. This bootloader unlock won’t work on devices with older firmware than that. And, it’s not guaranteed to work on future updates either.

Right now, the compatible firmwares for the Zenfone 2 bootloader unlock tool are and for Full HD variant ZE551ML, while for the HD variant ZE550ML, it’s!

Once you unlock Zenfone 2 bootloader, you can easily install TWRP recovery on the device. And then can flash SuperSU zip file to gain root access. Zenfone 2 is a really great device, and even though Asus provides cool apps that work as good tools, you can still improve the customization and productivity of your device with root access, by using Xposed framework and its modules.

Right now, we cannot confirm whether using the tool blocks your device to OTA updates.But that shouldn’t be a worry, as you can update your Zenfone 2 latest update anytime as we keep sharing the full firmware with you guys as and when they come, so that you can install them manually.

Moreover, it’s also not confirmed whether it wipes off the Zenfone 2’s data when used — normally, unlocking the bootloader in official way does it, but because it’s not official, and there is no mention of it doing that, we are believing data will not be lost. Your apps, games and data will remain as it is most probably upon unlocking the bootloader of your Zenfone 2.

The bootloader unlock process is fully automated, as you will see in the guide below too, as you just need to extract the content of the zip file available for download below, then enable USB debugging on your device, and then hit the .bat file to initiate the bootloader unlock process.

To confirm the bootloader unlock, just check out the splash screen when device boots up — it it’s inverted now, it means bootloader is unlocked. Yay! Let’s see the process in flash now, a full how-to guide for you.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Zenfone 2 easily!


Supported devices

  • ASUS ZENFONE 2, model no. ZE550ML and ZE551ML
  • Don’t try this one any other device!

Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

Backup your Android. Backup important files stored on your device before proceeding with the steps below, so that in case something goes wrong you’ll have backup of all your important files.

  1. Install ADB drviers.
  2. Install Asus Zenfone 2 drivers.
  3. Enable USB debugging on your Zenfone 2. For this:
    1. Go to Settings > About phone, and then tap ‘Build number’ 7 times to unlock developer options.
    2. Go back to Settings, then choose now visible ‘Developer options’. Find the ‘USB debugging’ option and use its toggle button to enable it. Accept warning by tapping on OK button.
  4. Connect your Zenfone 2 to PC now. You will get a pop-up as shown below on your phone when you connect for the first time after enabling USB debugging. Select ‘Always allow from this computer’ checkbox and then tap on OK button.
    Allow USB Debugging
  5. Download the Zenfone 2 bootloader unlock tool from above now.
  6. Extract the downloaded file using a free software like 7-zip. You will get a file called ‘unlock_one_click_v2.bat’ and a folder called ‘tools’.
  7. Now, with your Zenfone 2 connected to PC, run the unlock_one_click_v2.bat file by double-clicking on it.
  8. The one click bootloader unlock tool will start. Just wait till it is finished doing its job. When done, your Zenfone 2 will restart automatically.
  9. If you see the splash screen inverted when device is restarting, it means bootloader unlock process was successful. Kudos!

Let us know if you need any help with this. Use the comments section below to get in touch with us quickly!

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