How to Turn Off Notion AI

Since the rise of ChatGPT, many services are coming up with their own version of AI — with or without ChatGPT as their AI’s base. There has been Bard from Google and the new AI-assisted Bing from Microsoft. And now we have the AI writing assistant from none other than Notion — a superb productivity app that makes remote working easy. Notion AI, as it is called, is to help you work even better and faster. 

Notion AI can be a boon to some, but we know some of you might not want to use it — at least for now. And that’s okay. So, here is how to turn off Notion AI quickly.

Can you turn off Notion AI?

Yes. But it’s not that straightforward and depends on the type of subscription — or lack of it — you have. Check out below to find our guide on how to turn off Notion AI in Enterprise and Personal accounts.

How to turn off Notion AI in Enterprise account

If you have an Enterprise account, you can turn it off from settings. Simply head to Settings & Members > Workspace Settings > Settings > Feature Settings > Notion AI to disable the AI.

However, if you’re a free user, check out the next section to learn how you can disable the AI for your account.

How to turn off Notion AI in (Free) Personal account

Unfortunately, under the free plan, you don’t get a dedicated toggle or option in settings that will allow you to turn off the AI for your account. Instead, you will need to get in touch with the Notion support team so they can turn off and disable the AI for your particular account and workspace. You can draft a simple email and contact them using the email address below. This can be annoying for some users, but it is currently the only way to disable Notion AI if you have a free account. 

It is unclear how long it takes to disable AI for a Notion account, but according to some users, it can take anywhere between a day to a week.

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  1. so shit feauture 🙂 why i need to use ai for taking note , i can’t even disable

  2. i am grateful for today, my girlfriend, my family and friends. but i really want to disable ai. it’s great but with too much AI we are losing touch with reality.

    i have written to Notion about disabling this stuff for my account. thank you for this article, Mudit

  3. You press ENTER to jump to the next line and Notion’s AI writes paragraphs of random stuff without any input. It’s not a feature, it’s a bug

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