How to Share Your Last Screenshot on iPhone Quickly Using AirDrop

iPhones are known to offer a more user-friendly experience for regular users than Android devices and Apple continues to update its platform with features designed to make getting things done easier than ever. To make repetitive tasks less cumbersome, iOS has a Shortcuts app that lets you automate things you may often do on a regular basis like turning off your internet when keeping your phone away, listening to your favorite playlist when getting into the car, and so on. 

One such task you may want to get done more easily is sharing your last screenshot with another iOS device instantly without opening the Photos app and searching for the screenshot manually. In this post, we’ll help you send your iPhone’s last screenshot via Airdrop to someone or some other iPhone, iPad, or Mac. 

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Step 1: How to set up the shortcut for quick sharing

Note: Before you start sharing something from your iPhone, you need to make sure Airdrop is enabled on the destination device like another iPhone, iPad, or Mac for instant access. 

For the ability to instantly share your last screenshot via Airdrop, you need to download the AirDrop Screenshot shortcut onto your iPhone by clicking on this link. When you do that, the Airdrop Screenshot shortcut will load up inside the Shortcuts app on iOS.

On this screen, tap on Add Shortcut at the bottom to add it to your iPhone. 

The new shortcut will now be accessible inside the My Shortcuts tab on the Shortcuts app. 

You can also add this shortcut to your iPhone’s Home Screen as a widget by long-pressing on an empty area, tapping on the + icon, and then choosing Shortcuts from the list of apps. Once you add the AirDrop Screenshot widget to your Home Screen, it will look something like this. 

Step 2: How to share the last screenshot with just one tap

To instantly share the last screenshot you grabbed on your iPhone, tap on this shortcut widget on your Home Screen or access it inside the Shortcuts app. 

When you do that, you will see a dialog box appear with a preview of the last screenshot you took on your phone asking whether you wish to allow the shortcut to share this picture via Airdrop. You can either tap on Allow Once (will ask you every time the shortcut is used) or Always Allow (won’t show you this prompt next time onwards) depending on how you want to set it up. 

If Bluetooth is already enabled, you should see the iOS share sheet on your screen with a nearby discoverable Airdrop device listed here. Tap on the desired AirDrop device to share the screenshot with it. 

If your Bluetooth isn’t enabled or you don’t see the Airdrop device listed at the top, select Airdrop

On the next screen, tap on Turn on Bluetooth

Under Devices, you should see all the Apple devices in your proximity that have Airdrop enabled. Tap on the device you want to share the screenshot with. 

That’s it. The screenshot will now be sent to the selected device. 


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