How to Remove ‘Unlocked Bootloader’ Warning on Moto G 2015 (3rd Gen.)

Adventurous folks among us unlock the bootloader on their devices for all the fun things Android offers when unlocked to its full potential.

However, there’s this little warning message that most Android manufacturers put on their devices when unlocked. The 3rd Gen Moto G is no different. When you unlock the bootloader on Moto G 2015, you get this “Unlocked Bootloader” warning on the screen, and it might seem disturbing to folks who like their devices clean.

Well, thanks to Alberto97 over at xda, who created this small recovery flashable zip for the Moto G 2015 which upon flashing via a custom recovery, removes the nagging “Unlocked Bootloader” warning from the device’ boot screen.

What this little .zip file does is replace the logo.bin file on your Moto G 2015 with a custom one that has the “Bootloader Unlocked” warning removed. However, we’re not sure if this customized logo.bin will be compatible with all the firmware versions of Moto G or just the current firmware (as of August 22, 2015), and we’ve a similar question for the carrier locked variants of the device as well. Anyway, if you plan on flashing this customized logo.bin file on future firmware builds, make sure you take TWRP backup before doing so.

Grab the file from the download link below and flash it to your Moto G 2015 via recovery to remove the ‘Unlocked Bootloader’ warning.

[icon name=”download” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Download customized logo for Moto G 2015 (.zip)

Flash the customized logo .zip file via TWRP recovery or any other custom recovery of your choice. Also, there’s no need to wipe anything before or after flashing the file. Just do a reboot after flashing the zip and watch the neat Motorola boot logo again on your Moto G 2015.

Happy Androiding!

via xda

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