How to Play Wordle Without Waiting [5 Methods]

When Josh Wardle created Wordle, he intended for it to be a game savored in moderation, the design of the game had it destined to be something you want to indulge in without any reservations.

Alas! The original Wordle game is inherently a daily challenge that will not succumb to your demands for more than one challenge a day. In that case, you have no choice but to look for workarounds. In this post, we have brainstormed a few workable solutions to satiate your hunger for more Wordle challenges.

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4 ways to play Wordle without waiting

No body likes waiting, even more so when it comes to games that hook you like Wordle. So, here goes 4 ways for you to play Wordle without waiting for the game to reset every day with a new challenge.

Method 1: Play Powerlanguage Wordle archive

One of the most outstanding fanmade Wordle spin-offs is a Wordle archive titled “Wordle Time Machine”. With a stunning one-upmanship, creator Taq Karim reverse-engineered the original Wordle game and unlocked the entirety of Wordle for you to play any Wordle past, present, and future.

All you have to do is select any date between June 19, 2021, and October 20, 2027 and hit “Go” on the Wordle Time Machine game page to play any of the original 2,315 challenges Wardle had prepared for the Powerlanguage Wordle base.

Since the New York Times’ took over Wordle, the solution word list has undergone a wave of reformation and updates making it slightly different from the original Powerlanguage Wordle. But if you wish to keep playing Wordle (any of the original 2315 challenges) without waiting, then Taq Karim’s Wordle Time Machine is the perfect solution for you!

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Method 2: Play older challenges

As of the time of drafting, a total of 367 Wordle games have been released if you combine both Powerlanguage and New York Times Wordle challenges. But, since the New York Times’ takeover, most of the unofficial Wordle archives to play previous puzzles have been shut down by creators upon the new owner’s behest.

Even though you can no longer play older games on unofficial archive pages,  but thanks to Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, there are two routes, still, to play previous Wordle games — one is to play the previous games (from June 19, 2021, to February 09, 2022) on the Wayback Machine’s Powerlanguage Wordle game page snapshots and the other is the via the Wayback Machine’s snapshots of New York Times’s Wordle game page starting February 10, 2022. 

Go to the Wayback Machine maps linked above, tap on any date marked with a blue circle, and select any blue-colored screenshot.

That’s it, you are all set to play that day’s Wordle challenge via Wayback Machine. 

Note: Wayback Machine screenshots of the Wordle games might not work on all dates. But, it is reliable enough if you want to play most of the older games.

Method 3: Change the system date on your PC or phone

Another way to play more Wordles on the official game page exceeding the daily quota of one challenge is by changing the system date on the phone or computer on which you play the game.

Changing the system date is not very difficult to do but we recommend that you use it as a last resort and messing with the date or time on your device could end up creating Internet connectivity issues for countless apps and services. And then there is the redundancy involved in manually changing the date back and forth each time to get a new (or old) game.

But if you are hellbent on this, then all you have to do is go to the Date and Time settings (either on computer or phone/tab) and tune to a date in the past or future to play the designated Wordle challenge on the official page.

It is worth noting that changing the system date might cause your browser to show a network error message on certain devices (mostly on Android or iPhone or iPad) but under normal circumstances, this method to play older challenges should work on computers.

Method 4: Play Wordle clones

When you have run out of ways to play unlimited games on the official page, be bold enough to venture outside. Among the plethora of Wordle spin-offs and clones, there are quite a few variants that deliver games that closely resemble Wordle. For example, on the Wordle clones “Wordle Unlimited” and “Wordle Game” there is no ceiling set on the number of challenges you can take on per day; this guarantees absolute freedom to that you can play Wordle all day, any time without any restrictions.

Wordle Unlimited, as its title suggests, is your platform to play unlimited Wordle games. The game itself is a close simulation of Wordle in almost all regards (except for the removal of the daily challenge restriction). When you want to start a new game after completing the current challenge, just hit on the New Game option on the navigation bar at the top of the page, and that’s it!

You can even start a “Group Challenge” to pull in your friends or family for “friendly” Wordleing competitions.

Another Wordle clone to play unlimited games is the spin-off Wordle Game. On Wordle Game, you can not only play in multiple languages but also quickly generate a custom Wordle puzzle to challenge your friends and family.

That’s it! We have run down some practical approaches to playing Wordle without waiting. Hope you found a method suitable for your demands! Share your feedback and suggestions with us in the comments!