How To Play Bitmoji Paint on Snapchat

Snapchat keeps releasing new games so that people can enjoy with each other virtually during these trying times and their latest addition is Bitmoji Paint. This new game allows you and your friends to travel to different virtual islands and cover them in your artwork.

But many users have been unable to locate this new game on their device, if you are in the same boat then we have the perfect guide for you! Here’s how you can play Bitmoji paint on your device right now!

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How to play Bitmoji Paint game on Snapchat

Open Snapchat and tap and open the chat with the person you want to play Bitmoji Paint.

Tap the ‘Rocket’ icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Now tap and select ‘Games’.

Find and tap on ‘Bitmoji Paint’ in this list and the game will now be automatically launched!

And that’s it! You will now have started playing Bitmoji Paint! Your friend will also get a notification regarding the same and they will also be able to join in on the fun!

Fix: ‘Can’t find Bitmoji Paint on the games list’ issue

If you can not find the game in your chat, then you can always try the ‘Search’ function. Despite being announced in December 2020, it seems that Snapchat is still rolling out the game in batches in different regions based on user feedback.

Hence, some devices are unable to find the Bitmoji Paint game within chats. 

Simply tap the ‘Search’ icon at the top of your screen.

Now search for ‘Bitmoji Paint’.

Tap the game to open it once it shows up in your search results.

You should now be able to play Bitmoji Paint on your device. Support for collaborated gameplay with friends in chat can be expected to be released in the future depending on your device and region. 

Fix: ‘Bitmoji Paint does not show up in the search results’ issue

Well, in this case, either your region or device is currently not supported by Snapchat. This is a hit or miss as Snapchat hasn’t released a definitive list of all supported devices. However, we shall keep this page updated in case anything shows up in the future. 

There are a few restrictions within Snapchat that could be preventing you from playing Bitmoji Paint. Ensure that you have all the things mentioned below setup on your Snapchat account to have the best chance at accessing Bitmoji Paint. 

  • Ensure that you have a Bitmoji avatar
  • Ensure that you have a verified email address
  • Ensure that your account is verified and not suspended. 
  • Ensure that Snapchat has all the necessary permissions to work properly on your device. 


In our testing, we found that iOS devices can access Bitmoji Paint by changing their region to the United States and then downloading the app. Additionally, Android devices can also use a VPN to access the game within the chat which was otherwise only accessible through the search results. 

On Android

Here are our VPN recommendations if you are an Android user. Simply install any app and change your location to the United States using the VPN. Then follow the guide below and you should be able to get Bitmoji Paint within your chat selection. 

VPN App Recommendations:

You can also use a free VPN but we do not recommend it as most of these apps put your data at risk and in most cases use a proxy server to change your location. This can sometimes fail to change your location to the United States which will prevent you from accessing Bitmoji Paint. Follow the guide below once you have activated your VPN. 


Open Settings on your Android device and tap on ‘Apps and notifications’.

Now tap on ‘See all apps’.

Scroll and tap on ‘Snapchat’ in this list.

Now tap on ‘Storage and cache’.

Tap on ‘Clear Cache’.

Now head back to Snapchat and open the chat where you wish to play Bitmoji Paint.

Tap and select ‘Games’ at the bottom.

Scroll the list and Bitmoji Paint should now be available to you within the chat.

And that’s it! You should now be able to play Bitmoji Paint with all your Snapchat contacts. 

On iPhone and iPad

If you are an iOS user then you have significantly more hoops to jump through. However, if you have played US exclusive games in the past then you might already be familiar with the procedure.

To get Bitmoji Paint, you will need to download the Snapchat version hosted on the US app store.

This can be done by changing your Apple ID’s location but it will require you to have a dummy address and phone number of US. Once you have downloaded the app, you can revert your settings and the app will stay on your device.

However, if an update is released in the future, you will need to switch back to the US store to update your app. Let’s take a look at the procedure. 

Change your Apple ID region:

Open the Apple App Store and tap on your profile icon in the top right corner.

Now tap on your Apple ID at the top.

Verify your identity and then tap on ‘Country/Region’.

Tap on ‘Change Country or Region’.

Now scroll the list and tap on ‘United States’ at the bottom.

You will now get a new privacy agreement from Apple, tap on ‘Agree’ in the top right corner of your screen.

Tap on ‘Agree’ again to confirm your choice.

Tap and select ‘None’ in your payment options.

Now enter a dummy address and phone number.

Tap on ‘Next’ in the top right corner of your screen once you are done.

You will now be taken back to the App Store and your country and region should now be changed.  

Get Bitmoji Paint:

Open the App Store and search for Snapchat. Install the app once it shows up in your search results.

Once installed, open Snapchat and log into your account.

Now tap and open the chat where you wish to play Bitmoji Paint.

Tap on the ‘Rocket’ icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Scroll the list and you should find Bitmoji Paint in the first few listings. Tap on ‘Play’. 

Note: If Bitmoji Paint still does not show up, then delete Snapchat, reinstall it, and use a VPN to change your location to the United States before opening it for the first time. This is a vital step on some older devices that do not have the option to reset the app within ‘Settings’. 

And that’s it! You will now be able to easily play Bitomji Paint with your friends and family within Snapchat!

What are Snap tokens? 

Snap Tokens are the new digital currency in the world of Bitmoji Paint that allows you to buy cool accessories for your avatar including things like hoverboards and skates that will help you travel faster across the map.

However, this currency is currently only available to Android users, we expect it to launch on iOS as well in the coming weeks. 

We hope this guide helped you easily play Bitmoji Paint on your device. If you face any issues or have any questions, feel free to reach out using the comments below. 

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