Best Snapchat Challenges in 2020: Great Story Ideas to Engage Your Friends and Family

Snapchat Challenges

Snapchat, which hosts one of the youngest demographics in social media, regularly comes up with quirky and fun challenges. These challenges help strengthen the bond with your Snapchat friends and even help you get noticed on the platform. Today, we’ll help you with some templates and ideas which you can put up as Stories on Snapchat.

How to add a Story on Snapchat?

Snapchat was the originator of the widely celebrated Story feature — the feature we’re now enjoying on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and even Twitter. So, it’s goes without saying that the methodology is quite straightforward.

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To add a story, first, log in to your Snapchat account and go to the ‘Camera’ tab.

Now, since you’d be adding from the gallery, you’d need to tap on the ‘Gallery’ button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Now, pick the image you want to use as your template, and hit the send button.

Then, add it to ‘My Story.’

And finally, confirm.

That’s all. Your Snapchat Story will go live and stay visible for 24 hours.

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Best Snapchat challenges to have fun with friends

Snapchat, per se, doesn’t have a dedicated hub to find all the games and challenges. However, if you’re creative and resourceful enough, you can easily find or create some templates that could help you get some traction on Snapchat. Here, we’ll discuss a few ideas that you can use.

Expose yourself

This elaborate template by Pinterest account, ‘Latest Instagram Captions,’ is a great Snapchat ice-breaker. It basically is a set of interesting questions — full name, best friends, favorite colors, favorite songs, type of phone you have, whether you want to have children, and the likes — which can be put up as a Snapchat story in an attempt to converse with fellow Snapchatters.

Questionnaire for you

If you want to know your followers a little better, giving them the opportunity to know you better is probably a great idea. This template, as you can see, asks the participants to pick any number between 1 and 25, and you’d be compelled to answer. This template was posted by ‘Mantelligence’ on Pinterest.

Cell phone game

This is a unique take on the whole “getting to know users” bit. Posted by ‘Showers, Parties, and More’ on Pinterest, this image asks users to calculate their scores using the items they have on their mobile. From having ‘a selfie as lock screen’ to texting history with mother, the template pretty interesting corners.


If you want more engagement and want your story to be shared as much as possible, try to entice users to bring others into the fold. And there’s no better way to achieve that than making your Snapchat followers mention their friends. This image asks your followers to tag based on a person’s smile, dependability, height, and more. However, before using the list by ‘Storytemps’ be sure you’re not unintentionally hurting a sensitive person or group.

This or That

Instagram and Snapchat have seen plenty of ‘This or That’ since the lockdown. However, if you are yet to take part in one, you could surely kick things off by using this neat template by ‘Sequins & Spatulas.‘ Here, you’re giving your followers 12 pairs of options and asking them to tell you about their preferences. If you don’t want to post a blank template, you could easily post your preferences and tag a couple of your friends in that story. That way, the status will keep circulating, giving you some exposure along the way.

Emoji game

We’ve already covered five different methods of engagement, so, let’s add the missing piece to the puzzle: Emojis. Now, this questionnaire isn’t that unique in terms of the questions, per se. But its format and execution are quite different. Here, you’d be answering your questions in one of the three ways — Yes, No, and Maybe. And your followers, of course, are free to submit their question by picking any of the 16 emojis.

Jars of Fear

Each and every one of us is scared of one thing or the other. We don’t always admit them publicly but telling another person know, privately, isn’t that daunting. This template by Imgur banks on the same line of thought to maximize engagement. As you can see, there are a total of 28 hollow jars on here. Depending on their fears, your followers would need to fill up the jars and share them with you. Similarly, you can offer them a safe space by telling about some of your fears. Although the idea is quite unique, it’s important to remember that not many would be interested in opening up to a relative stranger. So, be sure to manage your expectations before diving in.

Favorite Emojis

The earlier emoji entrant was only used as a tool to lead to tougher questions. This one is just about having fun and sharing the love you have for emojis. This template, as you can see, asks your followers to tell you about the emojis they use the most or use them to answer a couple of simple questions, such as the current weather, their mood, and the country they want to visit the most. To start things off, you could fill up the sheet yourself at first and mention a couple of friends to participate.

Circle your favorites

We have already gone through one version of multiple-choice questions, called ‘This or That.’ This well-crafted template, which is a little similar in philosophy, benefits from offering more options. Instead of choosing from two options, you offer up to five. And as always, you can get the ball rolling by filling out the form yourself first.

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