How to Join Google Meet: Everything You Need to Know

Google Meet has become one of the leading video conferencing solutions over the last half a year. It’s free, doesn’t force you to jump through hoops, and as secure as you’d like to be. If you’re a working professional or a student, there’s a good chance that your workplace or institution has already shifted to Google Meet or will shift in the coming days. So, with that thought in mind, let’s see how you could join a Google Meet meeting instantly when push comes to shove.

Do you need a Google account to join a Google Meet meeting? 

As you may already know, having a personal, Workspace, or Education account is crucial if you’re looking to go deep into the world of Google Meet. However, under a special circumstance, it’s possible to join a Google Meeting without actually having a Google account. 

First and foremost, this option is only available for Workplace account users. You won’t be able to join a personal Google Meet session without a Google account. Secondly, if you don’t have a Google account, you can’t join a Workplace meeting from your mobile device, you’ll need a PC to do the same. Finally, if you do not have a Google account, there’s no way for you to join a meeting straight away. The meeting organizer must grant you access before you can start participating. 

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How to get the meeting link/code

Every Google Meet meeting can be identified using a unique code — the code that allows you to join the correct meeting amidst a see of thousand simultaneous sessions. This meeting code is generated whenever a meeting is kicked off and only accessible by the meeting organizer.

So, to get the meeting code, you’ll need to ask the organizer of your meeting to go to ‘Meeting details’ and access the meeting link. Then, they can simply text it over to you, and you can get on with your meeting. 

Alternatively, they could invite you over with your Email ID. In that case, you’ll get the invite link in your Email inbox. 

Special note: the 10-letter identifier after the meet URL is your meeting code. 

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How to join a Google Meet meeting

There are many ways to connect to a Google Meet session, all of which would be discussed below, both for PC and mobile. 

Join through the meeting link


Joining through the meeting link is probably the easiest of all. All you have to do is paste the meeting link on your browser’s address bar, hit ‘Enter,’ click on ‘Ask to join,’ and wait for the meeting organizer to let you in.

Once they do, you’ll be taken straight to the meeting window. 

Do remember that in case of a personal, non-Workspace meeting, you’ll need to log in with your Google account before going ahead. 

On Mobile

Although unconventional, mobile users, too, can access a meeting using the meeting code. If you get the meeting code over a text message or an internet messenger push, you’d be able to head straight into a meeting simply by tapping on the link. Now, check out your audio/video settings, set a virtual background or a background effect if you wish, and click on ‘Ask to Join.’ 

Do remember that you would still need to have the Google Meet application installed on your mobile phone, as the whole process is ultimately governed by the application. 

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Join through meeting code

In the previous section, we discussed how you could join a meeting by tapping on the link. In this one, we’ll see how you could get the exact result right through the Google Meet app. First, launch the Google Meet app and make sure you are logged in with the account you generally use for official or educational purposes. Now, tap on the ‘Join with a code button’ at the top-right corner of your screen. 

Here, you’d either need to enter the entire meeting URL, or you could enter the 10-letter identifier used after the original Meet URL — “” 

After entering a valid code, tap on ‘Join’ at the top-right corner of your screen. 

On the next screen, you will get the option to pick a virtual background or apply blur effects. Tap on any to select. Finally, click on ‘Ask to Join’ to get permission from the host. 

Join through the Google Meet website

Since PC users don’t have a dedicated app to play around with — unlike Android and iOS — going through a supported web browser is the only viable option. 

First, go to the Google Meet official website and locate the text field right next to ‘New meeting.’ Now, enter the Google Meet meeting code in that area and click on ‘Join.’

Considering you’re already logged in with a Google account, you’ll only need to click on ‘Ask to Join.’

After the meeting organizer lets you in, you’ll be able to participate in the meeting. 

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Join through Email invite


As mentioned in a previous section, the meeting participant can choose to invite you over to their meeting through an e-vite. When you get that Email, you’ll be able to click on the invite link and go straight to the meeting URL.

After double-checking your camera and microphone options, click on ‘Ask to join’ and wait for the organizer to let you in. 

On Mobile

Unlike PC, mobile users have the privilege of using a dedicated mobile app to host and join meetings. Whenever you get a meeting invite on your mobile through an Email, you can just tap on ‘Join Meeting’ and pick ‘Meet’ as the default app for joining meetings.

Then, check out your audio/video options, select a virtual background or background effect if needed, and tap on ‘Ask to Join.’ 

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Join through Gmail


As you may have noticed already, Google has integrated Meet into Gmail as well, making it super easy to create and join meetings. To join a meeting through Gmail, first, go to the Gmail website and locate the dedicated ‘Meet’ section on your left-hand side.

Click on ‘Join a meeting.’ Finally, enter the meeting code — either the entire link or the 10-letter section after “” — and click on ‘Join.’

This would open a separate Google Meet window. Adjust your audio/video options and more before clicking on ‘Ask to Join.’ 

On Mobile

The Gmail application has also been updated to support Google Meet, natively. It’s true that it’s nothing more than a good old redirect, but it does do the trick just fine. After you launch the Gmail app, you’ll find the Meet tab at the bottom right-hand portion of your screen. Tap on it to launch the Meet app.

Then, go to ‘Join using a code’ and enter the meeting code/link as depicted above. 

Next, enter the meeting code and tap on ‘Join.’ 

Finally, check your audio/video options, pick a virtual background if necessary, and click on ‘Ask to Join.’ 

Join through Google Calendar


Google Meet also supports meeting scheduling through its own Google Calendar. If you’ve been invited to an upcoming meeting, you can simply go to the meeting event and click on ‘Join with Google Meet.’ 

On Mobile

Google Calendar is, of course, available on Android and iOS devices as well. After launching Google Calendar, go to the event on your Calendar and tap on ‘Join with Google Meet.’

Check your microphone/camera, pick a virtual background if you wish, and click on ‘Ask to Join’ to continue. 

Why can’t you join Google Meet? 

Having gone through the sections above, the process of joining a meeting on Google Meet shouldn’t be plenty straightforward. However, if you still can’t access the meeting, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. 

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1. Organizer not letting you in 

Even if you’re invited to a meeting and have the meeting link, you’re required to have the meeting organizer’s final approval. As long as they don’t approve, you cannot enter a meeting. 

2. Create a Google account

For non-Workplace Google Meet sessions, everyone needs to have a valid Google account. If you don’t have an account yet, it’s pretty easy to create one.

3. Dodgy internet connection

For any video conference to run flawlessly, you need a practically spotless internet connection. So, before you get frustrated with Google Meet, be sure to check out your internet connection. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why cannot you join a meeting without Google ID?

If you are joining a meeting hosted by a personal account holder — non-Workspace — you will not be able to join without a Google ID. You will have to sign in to your ID before you can ask the host to let you in. To join without logging in to your Google ID, you need to be invited by a Google Workspace user — someone with a paid Google Workspace license. That is the only way of entering a meeting without signing in. 

Why cannot you change your name before joining Google Meet?

To change your name before joining a meeting, you will have to find a way to skip the log-in process. And that is not possible without an invite from a Google Workspace user. So, if the meeting you are trying to attend is not being held by a premium Workspace user, you will not have the option of changing your name. Snag an invite from a Google Workspace user — join a meeting hosted by them — to change your name before joining.  

Can you join a meeting without the Google Meet app?

As you must already know, Google Meet comes with a dedicated app for Android and iOS devices. However, that does not mean you are required to have the application to use the services Google Meet provides. Google’s most popular service, Gmail, currently offers an outlet for those who do not have the Google Meet app. By going into Gmail, you can easily access the Google Meet interface. We have talked in length about the procedure above. 

If you do not have the Gmail app as well, you are sadly out of luck. In that case, you must download either Google Meet or Gmail app to join a meeting. 

How to join Google Meet meeting for beginner

Google Meet is a pretty straightforward service and gives you plenty of options. First and foremost, you can go to and join a meeting from there. Next, you can go through Gmail — both the app and the website — and finally, you could join through the Google Meet app on your mobile. We have discussed all the methods in the sections above. 

How to join Google Meet without a Google account

To join a meeting in Google Meet, you will have to make sure the host of the meeting is a premium Google Workspace user. Only Google Workspace users can invite non-Workspace users into a meeting and let them skip the sign-in procedure. You can also set your name before the start of the meeting. That way, you will not have to give your real name to a room full of unknown people.

Click on ‘Ask to join’ to send the request to the host. 

Can you join Google Meet for free?

Yes, anyone with a Gmail account can sign up for Google Meet for free. However, please note that some features are restricted in the free version. As a free user, you can also join the meetings of premium Workspace users. When you do, you are even allowed to join in without signing in to your Google account.

How fast should your internet be to join Google Meet?

Google Meet is not as demanding when it comes to internet connectivity requirements. The latency should be less than 50 ms when you ping Google’s public DNS: If you wish to partake in HD video calling, your bandwidth should be anywhere between 2.6mbps and 4mbps. For SD video calling, you do not need more than 2mbps. Even a 1mbps connection is sufficient for a two-person video call.  

How to join Google Meet with a phone number

If you are joining a meeting by a premium Google Workspace user, you will get a dial-in number. This number can be used to dial into a Google Meet session. That way, you will be able to connect with the meeting participants without an internet connection. To join, first, dial the number mentioned in your Google Meet invite. Then, enter the joining code followed by a #. If all goes to plan, you should be able to connect to the meeting in a heartbeat. 

How to join Google Meet with a URL on phone

Joining through URL is tailor-made for the web client. However, that does not mean you cannot use the link from your mobile device. Granted you either have the Gmail or Google Meet app, the URL will redirect you to the Google Meet page. You can check your audio/video options and more before hitting the ‘Ask to join’ button. 


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