How to hide notch on Android 10 on OnePlus 6/6T

OnePlus 6T

Chinese smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus, has a reputation for delivering the latest software to its wide range of devices, and not only to its latest flagships. After bringing Android 10 to this year’s 7-series devices, OnePlus has delivered Google’s latest offering to its 2018 flagship duo — OnePlus 6 and 6T.

As we all know, OnePlus has always been keen on delivering a near-stock version of Android, and OxygenOS 10 is no exception. A host of exciting features have been made available for OnePlus 6/6T users, and there’s hardly any room for complaints.

OnePlus 6-series devices come with an infamous notch, and users are generally keen on getting rid of it — through software tweaks, of course. It’s only been a couple of days since the release of Android 10 for the devices, and there’s already a tested plan to tame the notch.

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Here’s how to hide the notch on your rooted/non-rooted OnePlus 6/6T:

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and download SetEdit app (Settings Database Editor).

Step 2: Fire up the app and select System Table.

Step 3: Search for “op_camera_notch_ignore.”

Step 4: Tap on it and set the value to “1.”

Step 5: Save.

Step 6: After your notch is hidden, you can even opt to uninstall the app.

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Give us a shout in the comments box below if you need any help in hiding the notch on your OnePlus device on the Android 10 update.


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  1. Thank you so much. Finally made it dissapear. Its still present on the lockscreen but at least the apps cannot use that space. I can’t understand why the normal settings push the navigation bar down now when you select hide notch…

  2. Ok, that mostly worked. But now when I have apps open there’s nothing at the top but the black bar. No battery, clock, or any notifications. So, still not ideal.

  3. Lifesaver! Was going to downgrade back to 9. Thanks to you I avoided that headache

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