How to Get Warped Fungus in Minecraft

How to get warped fungus Minecraft

Let’s be honest, as fun as the Nether is, it is a treacherous place that almost always ends in death (or worse). Few things exist that can help your travel through the deadly biomes of Nether, and one of them is the Strider. If you ever dreamt of seeing what the other side of a lava lake looks like, this is your chance!

What is Warped Fungus

Warped Fungus is a form of (overworld) mushroom found exclusively in the Nether. Yes, the Nether has its own flora and fauna, and they have very specific purposes. There are two forms of fungi available in the Nether; crimson and warped.

Each type of fungus is found primarily in its own biome. Warped Fungus naturally regenerates in the Warped Forest. So if you’re looking for some, now you know where to search.

How to grow your own Warped Fungus

If you don’t have the time or patience to go hunting for Warped Fungus, you can simply grow some yourself. Similar to growing flowers on grass blocks, you can grow Warped Fungus by adding Bone meal to Nylium. However, if you are looking to grow Warped Fungus you must add the bone meal only to warped Nylium.

This will cause the Nylium to sprout its corresponding vegetation; in this case, it will be warped vegetation. You can grow ‘warped huge fungi’ by dropping warped fungi on warped Nylium, and adding Bone meal to it.

How to mine Warped Fungus

Luckily you don’t need much; or anything, really. Fungus can be mined with any tool or even no tool, and instantly drops itself.

What can you make with Warped Fungus

Well, that’s what this is all about, isn’t it; finding a way to traverse the lava pits in the Nether. Warped Fungus can be used to create ‘Warped Fungus on a stick’ which works in the same way as ‘carrot on a stick’. Except, this time you can use it to walk on lava.

Warped Fungus on a stick can be used to direct saddled Striders. Which you could already straddle a Strider, this new creation now lets you take control of the beast too!

Simply holding a Warped Fungus is good enough to make Striders follow you.

How to make Warped Fungus on a stick

You just need two ingredients to make your Warped Fungus on a stick; a fishing rod and a Warped Fungus. Easy right?

First, you need to make your fishing rod. For that, you need three sticks and two string.

Once you have your fishing rod, simply dump that in with your warped funds to create a Warped Fungus on a stick

Well, there you have it. Now you have a way to traverse the lava pits! What do you think is lurking on the other side? If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.


Image credits: Gamepedia

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