How To Get Nuketown Zombies Easter Egg in Cold War

Nuketown was just released in COD Black Ops Cold War and the map seems to be receiving great reviews already. If you have been playing COD for a while then you probably know that each iteration of Nuketown is riddled with Easter Eggs and this version is no different.

You get a primary easter egg and tons of other references and secondary easter eggs all around the map. Let’s take a look at the primary Easter Egg in Nuketown for now.

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What is the Primary Easter Egg

The primary Easter Egg in Nuketown applies a cool video filter to your game. This filter is applied for the entire session and will be removed once you exit the game. If you however wish to remove it willingly after activation, you will have to exit and rejoin the room.

In addition to the video filter, there is also a custom Synthwave track to accompany your game in Nuketown. Let’s take a look at how you can unlock this Easter Egg.

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How to unlock the primary Easter Egg in Nuketown Black Ops Cold War

Launch the game and continue to join an online session in Nuketown. We recommend you doing this with a couple of friends in a private match on your first try so that you can easily get the hang of the activation process.

Shoot the heads of all the mannequins across the map in under 1 minute and 30 seconds. Doing so will unlock the easter egg and apply a video filter for your current session.

Keep in mind that the mannequins will change their position each round, so if you failed on your first go, ensure to check all the places in the next round.

How many mannequins are there across the game?

There is no specific number of mannequins in the game. Like with the previous Nuketown segment of the game, the number of mannequins varies depending on the number of players. So the more players, the higher the number of mannequins. Make sure that you do a thorough search and get them all.

Where are the mannequins located?

All the mannequins are located in and near the compound where you will begin the game. You will also be able to find quite a few of them inside the green wooden house. Make sure that you also go to the first floor of the house as you will find many mannequins there.

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How many filters can you unlock?

It seems like there are two filters for the primary easter egg in Nuketown: The CRT filter and the Vaporwave filter. The CRT filter resembles old school CRT monitors with its green color while the Vaporwave filter predominantly has Purple and Magenta in it.

CRT Filter

Vaporwave Filter

Can you unlock a specific filter for the primary easter egg?

Currently, there seems to be no way to unlock a specific filter. It seems that they are unlocked at random for each session of the game. If a way to do so is discovered in the future, then we shall update this section ASAP.

Other cool easter eggs & references!

Apart from your primary easter egg, Nuketown is riddled with mysterious graffiti and signs that either point to older storylines or side quest plot mysteries that are waiting to be solved.

Additionally, there are a few shoutouts to Cold War’s Campaign mode storyline as well. While there will be no campaign spoilers in this list, we recommend completing the mode to understand these references to their full extent. Let’s get started.

Red doors & Perseus reference

Perseus is the faceless Russian organization behind the entire conflict of the campaign mode missions. When you enter Nuketown, there will be a house at each spawn location ie: Site A and Site B.

Both these mock houses in Nuketown have bombed down post boxes in the front meant to signify the conflict in the game. The green house will have a fallen post box titled ‘Perseus’.

The post box outside the opposite house, which is yellow in color should say ‘Red Door’ instead. This too will be broken and on the floor.

Additionally, if you look around the map a bit, then you will end up finding numerous references to the red door. Like this graffiti on the wall.

Like every iteration of the Nuketown map, this version too comes with its own RC Parkour course that allows you to have some light-hearted fun for a break. This course also features a few obstacles that reference the red door.

RC Car Parkour Course

Treyarch has not disappointed fans and this time Nuketown has an even more fledged out RC Parkour course for all the adrenaline-pumping fun.

To access the course you will have to go to the spawn location behind the green house on the map ie; Site A. The course can be found behind the stairs shown below.

You will see a small hole in the wall behind the stairs which is the starting point for your RC course.

And that’s it! You should now be able to drive through the entire course while doing some sick stunts.

Pablo references

In addition to the long-standing easter egg, Treyarch has added some new ones from previous Black Ops storylines as well. The most prominent among them seem to be the Perseus references all around the map.

Perseus Marinus is a long-standing repeating character in the Black Ops series who is also known as ‘the Hermit’. He has his famous sock puppet friends which you will first find referenced on the schoolbus windows in Nuketown.

Pablo is also known for scribbling stick figures that you will find graffitied all around the map. Here is one piece of graffiti.

And here is a prominent one that has been painted all over the fence.

Pablo’s stick figures were first seen prominently in this scribbling from earlier games.

You will also find characters that vaguely resemble his sock puppets on the same fence.

Pitfall arcade machine

Welp, if you’re a big developer like Activision, why wouldn’t you refer to your retro game with a cult following? Pitfall has been one of the most iconic games by Activision that was first released in 1982 for the Atari 2600.

It was a fun adventure side-scrolling survivor game that has gotten numerous remakes over the years. If you look close enough, you will be able to find an arcade version of this game in Nuketown.

However, the game seems to have succumbed to the events in Nuketown and there seems to be no way to interact with it as of yet.

Mountain Dew Cans

Mountain Dew and Call of Duty have always partnered for new games behind the scenes. This partnership has rarely made its way into the game till now but that all is about to change with Nuketown.

If you look around hard enough, you will be able to find Mountain Dew cans with a retro-style around Nuketown. The cans seem to be quite well rendered with some great 90s artwork to match the overall look of Nuketown.

Zombie easter eggs

There are tons of Zombies easter eggs in Nuketown especially if you look hard enough. But some are quite easy to spot. The first one would be the obvious graffiti for the dark ether portals sprawling every building on the map.

You will also notice this ominous graffiti on one of the walls that has an ‘Eye’ as its symbol.

This might be a long-standing reference to Samantha’s scribbles on the wall from Black Ops 4 which looked like this.

TranZit bus easter egg

TranZit is another fictional city in COD that has its own map. The city is most famous for its transit system with automated mechanical drivers. TranZit soon evolved into its own unique game mode with more survival mechanics as the COD series went on.

In fiction, TranZit has always been located somewhere near Nuketown and the retro beer bottles from the town seem to imply so as well. You will find these bottles with the iconic TranZit bus as their logo.

Dead Ops Arcade 3 references

The last reference that we want to cover is the Dead Ops Arcade 3 references and characters that can be found all across the map. Sporting their stylized pixelated designs, these characters and items are a great shoutout to the previous game.

There are a ton more itty bitty references all around the map of Nuketown. Additionally, as Nuketown is fairly new, there could be a ton more easter eggs hidden under the cover waiting for you to find them. Check out this in-depth video by TheGamingRevolution that will shed light on many easter eggs that we haven’t covered here.

Which filter did you fancy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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