How to get (force install) Spotify if isn’t available in your country

If you’re at all familiar with the concept of audio streaming, you’ve probably come across Spotify — the most popular media streaming platform in the world. It hosts millions of songs, has a thriving online community, and recommends curated playlists based on your mood, or occasion.

Sadly, the music streaming service isn’t available in every region conceivable, so, people belonging to those precincts are forced to abandon the idea of enjoying Spotify and look for alternatives.

However, if you happen to be one of the few determined people, who are adamant about listening on Spotify, this workaround could come in handy.

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How to install Spotify in unsupported countries

Step 1. Install a VPN service app from Google Play Store. [Check out: Best VPN Android apps]

Step 2. Open the VPN app and set the location to a country where Spotify is available (the US preferred).

Step 3. Clear cache of Google Play Store by going into Apps > Google Play Store > Storage > Clear cache and Clear data.

Step 4. Fire up Google Play Store app.

Step 5. Search for Spotify app and now it shall be available for install. You can also choose for Spotify lite, BTW.

In case if you still don’t see the app (Spotify or its lite version) on the Play Store, you can also download the main app manually from here.

Step 6. Open the Spotify app and play your tunes. Have fun!

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