How to get Emotes in Minecraft

How to get Emotes in Minecraft

The Nether Update brought tons and tons of monumental changes to The Nether with brand new biomes, Soul Fire and the related Soul Torches and Soul Lanterns, a new strongest material in Netherite, a ton of new mobs and plenty of other awesome things. And while the Nether Update has everyone’s eyes glued to the totally revamped, still hellish nightmare-scape that is the new Nether, there are a few other new features flying by under the radar. Comparatively speaking.

Like a highly overdue revamping of the achievement system that actually gives you prizes for completing certain achievements — prizes like EMOTES! Yay!

How to Set Emotes in Minecraft

Yes! We finally have emotes in Minecraft, available through an in-game emotes menu that computer players can access by pressing ‘B’ and everyone else on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 can access by pressing left on the D-pad. This brings up a new hexagonal emote menu:

Minecraft screenshot showing Emote Wheel

If you’re opening it up for the first time, you’ll find it empty like in the shot above — but don’t fret! You will automatically have access to at least three of the six new emotes.

To set your emotes, click on either Change Emotes or go to the third tab in the Character Creator to open up the Emotes List.

Minecraft Screenshot showing Emotes List

Click on any of these empty spots and you will be presented with a menu of the currently available emotes, of which three will be available by default and three will be unlocked as Achievement rewards.

Minecraft Screenshot of Emote Unlockable List

The Default Emotes

These first three emotes are available for everyone and have pretty straightforward communicative functions.

Simple Clap

Minecraft Simple Clap Emote

Over There!

Minecraft Over There emote


Minecraft Gif of Wave emote

How to Unlock More Emotes

The next three emotes are called The Hammer, Diamonds to You, and The Pickaxe, and are locked behind common and rare achievements.

The Hammer

The Hammer is an uncommon emote unlocked by completing the Acquire Hardware achievement after smelting one iron ingot.

Minecraft The Hammer Emoji

Diamonds to You

Diamonds to You is unlocked with the similarly named Achievement by… well, throwing diamonds at another player.

Minecraft Diamonds for You Emote

The Pickaxe

Even though the textbox doesn’t state it, Pickaxe is the second rare emote, unlocked by discovering 17 biomes.

Minecraft the Pickaxe Emote

And that’s it (for now)! There are certainly a lot more emotes coming, with many more likely to be tied into achievements and almost certainly some monetized options as well. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for future updates!


Screengrab Credits: ibxtoycat

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