How to get a minimal wallpaper of your City, Country, or any place on Earth that’s on the Map

india wallpaper minimal

Back in the day when Google Earth brought the best images from the entire world to our smart devices, everything changed. Ever since, Google has been fulfilling our obsessive desires to capture the coolest topographic images of locations and places, so much so that even the official wallpaper for the Pixel devices is a topographical shot of a serene beach.

For all of you wallpaper lovers out there who prefer something personal and unique, a design creator service called Alvar Carto has something truly unique to offer. The custom map background web service gives you a way to create delightfully geocentric wallpapers, based on a specific location. You can choose your personal location, or pretty much anywhere across the world and create a minimal wallpaper instantaneously.

  1. Head over to Alvar Carto website and hit the Start designing button.
  2. Under the Map location bar, enter a specific city, country, or even a zip code.
  3. Choose the Map color as the gradient you want to make appear on the wallpaper.
  4. Lastly, you can use the Resolution tab to find the right fit for your smartphone’s screen size.

Once you’re happy with the grayscale-style wallpaper of your chosen location, hit the Generate button and download the wallpaper for free!

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