Bring out the deep colors on your OLED screen with these 4K dark wallpapers

Samsung introduced the world of Android to its Super AMOLED display back in the day with the iconic Galaxy S2. 7 years going forward, the technology has evolved to adapt with the QHD resolution, with deeper black color reproduction and rich hues.

Not only the Samsung’s Galaxy S9 sports the Super AMOLED display but even a few devices in their budget range have started coming equipped with the Super AMOLED panels, while the AMOLED panels are being deployed by many OEMs now, the Google Pixel sets among the latest ones to jump the ship, while OnePlus is also using one on all its recent releases, even calling it Optic AMOLED panel due to some in-house tweaking that they do.

Now that even Apple has given in to the OLED revolution, it seems fitting that we celebrate it with free wallpapers that offer do justice to it. We’ve sieved through the internet to bring you the most cutting-edge 4K wallpapers for your OLED Android device that makes those deep blacks pop out.

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Check out the size-reduced images (1000 pixels) below of the dark wallpapers we have picked up for your AMOLED panels. Of course, you are good to give them a go on the LCD and IPS panels too. But to download them in full resolution (Quad HD, 2560 x 1440 or more), check out the link below the gallery.

Download DARK wallpapers for your AMOLED panel

Besides the above collection, feel free to download the wallpapers that OEMs pre-install on their latest and greatest handsets. Here you go:

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