Best Apps to get Beautiful Wallpapers for your Android Device

We may have a plethora of customization options like launchers, fancy widgets, et cetera. But the basic level of personalization, i.e. wallpapers, are most prominent. We look at our smartphone screens all day for glance-able information and what not. Why not give it a beautiful background.

The Play Store is filled with options, as always for this category too. But, again, most of them are ineffectual apps. So, we have around-up of the best apps which brings you the wallpapers according to your liking and interest.

Best Apps For Most Beautiful Wallpapers!

Wallbase HD Wallpapers

Specialty: Slick and fast user interface. A vast collection of user uploaded wallpapers divided into various categories.


Wallbase has been around for quite a time and has always been a great experience to use. The ‘Tags‘ feature of the app does a good job at filtering the wallpapers to your liking. Basically, you’ll find any and every type of wallpapers ranging from Nature to Games to Models and the list goes on.

Warning: Due to the vast selection of wallpapers, there is some content of high maturity.

► Download Wallbase HD Wallpapers

Zedge™ Ringtones & Wallpapers (Free)

Specialty: Categories are specialized and readily available from the hamburger type of controls which can be slid in from the left.


If you are from the old Symbian S60 days, Zedge may sound a familiar territory to you. Yes, not only does it cover wallpapers but has collections of Games, Ringtones, Live Wallpapers and Notification tones.

The app has a great UI and categorization of wallpapers, which complements the wide range of beautiful wallpapers available on Zedge. There’s also a handy widget which lets you set your wallpapers (downloaded from Zedge) directly from your home screen.

► Download Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers

Backgrounds HD Wallpapers

Specialty: Faster loading of wallpapers and hand picked selections by the developer.

Huge collection of wallpapers to choose from various categories ranging from Cats and Dogs (Doge) to Quotes and Universe wallpapers. We couldn’t find even one wallpaper which wasn’t pretty but that’s a subjective matter. However, you won’t find any low-quality images here.

background HD

Backgrounds HD is hands down one of the best apps for downloading wallpapers for Android devices.

► Download Backgrounds HD Wallpapers

Cool Wallpapers HD

Specialty: Many categories to choose from and the user can share the wallpapers they like on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

Cool wallpapers HD

The app has a 4.8 stars rating backed by tons and tons of positive reviews from the users. Beautiful slick interface and various specialized categories to choose from gives a fine impression of simplicity and minimalism. All in all, Kappboom has done a great job with this app.

► Download Cool Wallpapers HD


Specialty: Single color backgrounds.


Ever felt that your widgets and icons on the home screen don’t sit well with the backgrounds? Our advice – set a solid mono-color background with this app and you’ll love it.

► Download Colors

Van Gough Wallpapers

Specialty: You can browse the paintings offline. Sharing feature on social networks is a nice touch.

van gough wallpapers

If you are a fan of Vincent Van Gough (like us), this app is exactly what you would expect it to be. From the famous works like The Stary Night and Ireses and The Potato Eaters, it’s all in here personalized for your device’s home screen.

► Download Van Gough Wallpapers

Painting Wallpapers

Specialty: You can browse the paintings offline. Sharing feature on social networks and in-app image cropping works very well.


What would look the most hipster thing on your home screen, you ask? Of course, the paintings from the 70s era are the answer. The app has offline access to paintings from many famous as well as lesser-known painters.

► Download Painting Wallpapers

Did we forget to mention your favorite? How do you like these ones? Feel free to let us know in comments below.