25 Best Extensions for Muzei Live Wallpaper

Android Operating system has a definitive edge over the IOS and Windows Phones in terms of customization. Neither the Apple’s IOS nor Microsoft’s Windows operating system provide such great flexibility in terms of customization. Google has managed to provide the users, the power of personalizing their devices with their own hands. The live wallpaper functionality is one of the clean asset of the Android which brings your device to life.

There are many arguable points on the usage of live wallpapers, some feel they get a fresh and amazing experience with the live wallpapers, while some say they are battery hogs. Both are true but there are live wallpapers that use minimum resources of your device and turn your device to paradise in your palm. One such app is developed by Google engineer, Roman Nurik which is called the Muzei live Wallpaper.  If you’re new to Muzei, check out our detailed page on Muzei LWP linked below:

 Muzei Live Wallpaper: How to Use

The app features a public API that allows developers to extend the functionality by developing extensions to the Muzei Live Wallpaper. This was the most unique factor of the Muzei, which lets famous photographers and organizations to provide their followers with the best wallpaper experience on Android. Here, we are going to list a few of the best extensions available for Muzei Live wallpaper.

So just chill out and browse through the best extensions for Muzei.



500px is a popular photography community that has a huge collection of  photos and wallpapers from various photography enthusiasts. The 500px has around 2.5 million users and provides a wide range of wallpapers for your device. You can choose from categories like Popular, Fresh, Upcoming and Editors’ Choice and can select from 6 different refresh intervals. The app also provides options for refreshing only on WiFi and hide adult content.

Download the 500px for Muzei from the download link provided below.

  Download 500px for Muzei



Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) sources its pictures from the NASA’s Astronomy picture of the day. The APOD extension fetches some great space wallpapers that are featured by NASA. The APOD offers a high definition wallpapers that will bring out some crispiness on your home-screen. This extension provides no options to adjust the refresh intervals and other settings and the wallpaper changes once a day.

Download the APOD extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and explore the cosmos beyond the infinity.

  Download APOD for Muzei



The Flick extension draws its pictures from a Yahoo-based photo site. This app provides a different way to access your required content, rather than choosing from the categories, this extensions uses a search technique based on a keyword. So you can filter the wallpapers based on your requirement and you can also skip the picture that didn’t meet your taste. This extension lets you keep track of your favorite photographer or choice. You can adjust the refresh times and also has the option to enable refreshing only on WiFi.

Download the Flickr extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and keep track of your favorite Photographer.

  Download Flickr for Muzei



Flick Photostream brings a different approach on connecting Flickr to your device. You can select one or more users’ photostreams and rotate the wallpapers from their collections. The app also provides settings for customized refresh rate and refreshing only on WiFi. You can also set a cap on the number of photos you want to view from the selected users’ collection which would show the latest photos from their Photostreams.

Download the Flickr Photostreams extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and keep track of your favorite Photographer.

  Download Flickr Photostreams for Muzei



Cast for Muzei brings the beautiful wallpapers from Chromecast directly on your Android phone. This extensions sources the same feed that the Google Chromecast pulls from, so you will up-to-date with the Google’s stream. The extension provides settings for customizing refresh intervals and refreshing over WiFi only. You can always choose from the current set of Chromecast wallpapers that best fits your personality.

Download the Cast extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and be up-to-date with the Chromecast.

  Download Cast for Muzei



Muzei – Reddit extension will show the current photos from Reddit and you can use them as wallpapers on your home-screen. By default there are a few subreddits like Earthporn, Spaceporn, Apodstream etc… but you can add a few more from the settings menu by typing in the subreddit name in the menu. The extension provides options to customize refresh intervals, refreshing over WiFi only and hide NSFW content.

Download the Muzei – Reddit extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and be up-to-date with the favorite Reddits.

  Download Muzei – Reddit



National Geographic Muzei sources its pictures from a finest collection of nature photography and provides pictures through National Geographic picture of the day collection. New pictures are updated daily to the library and are shown in the picture cycle. You can set custom refresh rate and can set Update on WiFi only if required. Smart Cache option is available to quickly load the images which are frequently browsed. A small in-app purchase is optionally available to unlock all the additional picture of the day categories.

Download the NatGeo extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and unleash the beauty of Mother Earth.

  Download National Geographic Muzei



The Bing extension sources its wallpaper collection from the Microsoft’s Bing search engine which has some fine wallpaper collection. There are no options to customize the refresh times and refresh over WiFi only features. The Bing extension uses portrait-optimized images with focus on the subject of the image. The app refreshes with the Bing’s picture of the day to cycle through the wallpapers.

Download the Bing extension for Muzei from the download link provided below:

  Download Muzei Bing Addon

Romain-Guy- Muzei


The works of Romain Guy are very popular among the photography lovers and this extension exclusively derives wallpapers from the Romain Guy’s Flickr photostream. This extention simply shows the last 100 photos published on Romain’s flickr account and then picks one at random and downloads it at the highest possible resolution. There is no option for customization but the developer intends to provide them in the future update along with the option to download whole photoset rather than last 100 photos.

Download the Bing extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and follow Romain Guy’s work on Flickr.

  Download Romain Guy Muzei



Muzei Music extension pulls the album art for whatever music you’re listening to in your home screen background. The extension looks for available album art on your device, if it is not available it downloads them from Last.fm. There’s an option to download album art on Wifi only, and you can also select the resolution of artwork to be downloaded from Last.fm. You can also choose your favorite image to display when music isn’t playing.

Download the Music extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and reflect your music taste on your device.

  Download Muzei Music Extension



Instagram Muzei Addon bring your own photos from your Instagram account. The addon is fairly easy to use, once installed log-on to your Instagram account and authorize the app with your account and specify which photos to display. The addon provides options to choose from your Photos, your Feed, Linked photos and popular photos.

Download the Instagram extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and set your photos as wallpapers.

  Download Instagram Muzei Addon



Unsplash for Muzei provides some stunning high resolution pictures as wallpapers for your device. Unsplash features ten new free high-resolution photos every ten days. This extension downloads a new wallpaper daily from Unsplash, changing your homescreen experience on a day-to-day basis. You can blur the images for some gorgeous wallpaper experience on your device.

Download the Unsplash extension for Muzei from the download link provided below:

  Download Unsplash for Muzei



If you are a fan and follower of the fabulous works on the deviantART and looking for some fine works, this extension provides you with the best wallpapers from deviantART. The extension downloads wallpaper from the deviations of the day or else you can provide a search term for filtering the wallpapers. The search criteria is same as you would use on the deviantART website. The app also provides options to configure refresh time, number of images in query, show/hide adult content and allowing download only on WiFi.

Download the deviantART extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and get the latest deviations on your device daily.

  Download Muzei – deviantART



If you are depend on cloud storage for the backup of photos and wallpapers and use Dropbox, then Dropzei extention for Muzei is the best companion you’ll ever have. This extension allows you to add some folders to the stream so that the app will cycle through the wallpapers from the selected directories. All you have to do is to authenticate the app with your Dropbox account and add your favorite folders for wallpapers. The app also allows to update the wallpapers over WiFi only and to choose custom refresh rates.

Download the Dropzei extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and choose the wallpapers from your personal collection on Dropbox.

  Download Dropzei for Muzei



If you are regular follower of Tumblr blogs and want the photos in the blogs as the wallpaper on your device, then Tumblr extension for Muzei is what you’re looking for. This extension pulls photos from the list of your favorite blogs and can customize through Tumblr settings like showing caption and blog name. You also get the option to change refreshing frequency and choose to update only on WiFi.

Download the Tumblr extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and get the latest photos from your favorite Tumblr blogs as your devices’ wallpaper.

  Download Muzei – Tumblr Photos



If you are Anime/Manga lover and want them as your wallpaper, try the Konachan extension for Muzei. This extensions pulls the wallpapers from konachan.net randomly and sets as your wallpaper. If you want to refine your wallpapers, you can provide a tag to specify your favorite wallpapers. You also get the option to configure sorting order, refresh rate and to restrict content.

Download the Konachan extension for Muzei from the download link provided below:

  Download Muzei – Konachan Extension



Feel the power of hashtags on your device with the Hash extension for Muzei. The extension uses the hanshtags specified by the user in the settings to pull the relevant photos from the Google Plus. You can specify various hash tags and can also configure the refresh rates and connectivity options. The hashtags retrieve a good variety of photos from the hashtags specified.

Download the Hash extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and feel the power of hashtags on your device.

  Download Muzei Hash



If you’re are looking for some beautiful landscapes and aesthetic wallpapers, the HD landscapes extension for Muzei provides you with ultra high resolution pictures. The app provides beautiful wallpapers daily and you can manually switch wallpapers too. You get the options to customize resolution of the wallpaper and also the refresh interval as well as the connectivity settings.

Download the HD landscapes extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

  Download Muzei HD Landscapes



This is similar to the HD landscapes extension but provides you with ultra high resolution pictures of the Space. The app provides crisp and brillaiant wallpapers daily and you can manually switch wallpapers too. You get the options to customize resolution of the wallpaper and also the refresh interval as well as the connectivity settings.

Download the HD Space extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and explore the darkest corners on the space.

  Download Muzei HD Space



If you’re a Game of Thrones fans, this is just the perfect app for you.You can set the beautiful wallpapers created by the Reddit user Nickorama144 featuring the houses of the Game of Thrones. Currently included houses are Baratheon, Lannister, Greyjoy, Targaryen & Stark and many more will be available soon. You have the option to show/hide the text along with the wallpapers.

Download the Game of Thrones extension for Muzei from the download link provided below:

  Download Game of Thrones Muzei



If you’re familiar with the photo collection of the SmugMug online library which hosts the incredible photo collection from many photographers, then you might like this extension. The extension pulls wallpapers from your desired source on SmungMug. You have the options to choose refresh rate and turn off refreshing on mobile network.

Download the Smugzei extension for Muzei from the download link provided below:

  Download SmugZei (SmugMug for Muzei)



Fashion is the new me – the motto of most of the youth around the world, then fashionize your device too with the Qwertee extension for Muzei. The extension pulls wallpapers from the T-shirt designs published on the Qwertee.com and sets as your device wallpaper. Never miss a new design again, you can browse through the features tees and select a wallpaper that matches your dress.

Download the Qwertee extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and let the style speak the rest:

  Download Qwertee for Muzei



This is the Wallbase.cc extension for Muzei which pulls top wallpapers from Wallbase.cc website. The extension gives you the top 30 wallpapers on the websites’s week toplist and then selects a random pic to set as your device’s wallpaper. You have customization options for refresh rates, network preferences, wallpaper preference and quality settings.

Download the Wallbase.cc extension for Muzei from the download link provided below:

  Download Muzei – Wallbase.cc



This is the Trakt extension for Muzei which show posters of trending movies or shows from the Trakt website as your live wallpaper. You can specify your choice between movies and TV shows or both and restrict adult content and unrated shows from the list. You have customization options for refresh rates and network preferences.

Download the Trakt extension for Muzei from the download link provided below:

  Download Trakt Muzei Extension



If you can’t choose from the above listed extensions or if you like more than one extension, i am sure you’re in dilemma on which one to finalize at last. This final extension is for these people who can’t adjust with just one extension for Muzei (all the extensions are Great, right?) then the MultiMuze extension is the life saver. With this extension you can select more than one extension as the source for your wallpapers. You can customize the refresh rates, extension cycle rate and favorite extensions etc… to enhance your experience. You can manually cycle between the sources as well with the MultiMuze extension.

Download the MultiMuze extension for Muzei from the download link provided below and use all extensions at once.

  Download MultiMuze

So, this completes the round-up on the 25 best extensions for Muzei Live Wallpaper available on the Playstore as of now.

Kindly give your feedback and suggestions in the Comments section below.