How to fix Edge Lighting on Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8 and Note 8

The entire premise of adding a curved display to the Galaxy S6 Edge was to introduce features such as Edge Panel and Edge Lighting. While the Edge Lighting is the perfect solution to receiving notification alerts when the device is faced down, the feature can be a hit and miss sometimes. There are multiple reasons why Edge Lighting wouldn’t work as it should on your Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, and even the Galaxy Note 8, so here’s how you fix it all.

Step 1: Make sure Edge Lighting is turned on

As basic it seems, you might have the featured turned off in the first place, so make sure that Edge Lighting is enabled.

  1. Head over to the Settings
  2. Scroll down to find Display and then navigate to the Edge screen
  3. Press the toggle switch at the top of the screen to enable it.
  4. Under the Show Edge Lighting tab, make sure that Always is selected.

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Step 2: Make sure Edge Lighting is visible

It could be a possibility that the Edge Lighting is working just as it should, but you aren’t able to view it properly. This can be fixed by editing the appearance of the Edge Lighting panel.

  1. Head back to the Edge Lighting menu from Settings – Display – Edge screen.
  2. Scroll down to the Advanced settings and open it.
  3. Using the sliders for Width and Transparency, you can change the Edge Lighting display and preview it right away.

Step 3: Disable “Keep screen turned off”

As a push to keep your phone and its content even more private, Samsung has introduced a feature called “Keep screen turned off”. When enabled, the feature prevents your device from accidentally turning the screen off when in a dark place, such as a pocket or a bag. When enabled, this could cause a conflict with the Edge Lighting, so make sure that it is turned off first.

  1. Head over to the Settings
  2. Scroll down to find Display and then navigate to Keep screen turned off.
  3. Make sure that the toggle switch right next to it turned off.

Step 4: Edge Lighting for Messages app

There have been several reports that suggest the Edge Lighting feature tends to work for some apps, but not for the stock Messages app from Samsung. To fix this issue on the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8, and the Note 8, you can enable Pop-up display.

  1. Head over to the Messages app on your Galaxy device.
  2. Press the three-dot menu icon on the top-right corner and select Settings.
  3. Press the Notification tabs and make sure that the Pop-up display feature is toggled on.

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  1. i cant use edge light on my whatsapp

  2. I can get Edge lighting working but not with the always on display or with the clear view cover closed.

  3. That worked for the edge lighting but then it makes my messages pop up on my screen.. I don’t want my messages to display but i want the edge lighting.

    1. You can disable the messages from popping up. Go to Settings > Apps > scroll down and tap on Messages > Notifications > General notifications > Importance > High > hit the back button to save the settings.
      When set to ‘High’ importance, any ap’s notifications wouldn’t show up as pop-up. If you do not want the sound either, select Medium, in which case you will get no sound but will still get the notification in the notification panel.
      This applies to all apps on your Galaxy devices.

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