How To Edit Sent Messages in Telegram on iPhone, Android and computer

We’ve all had moments when we wished we could take back our words – or fix spelling mistakes, spruce up those awkward sentences, and maybe get rid of that annoying name autocorrection. Most of us are used to correcting a sent message with a follow-up message accompanied by an asterisk. But that can seem quite unprofessional, especially if you are using Telegram for work purposes. 

On messenger service apps, it is ever so important that one is able to edit messages once they’re sent. On Telegram, it’s easier than a cinch to edit and correct those messages and keep a proper chat log. Here’s a look at how you can do so on different platforms. 

Edit Sent messages in Telegram on iPhone and iPad

Now, let us move on to editing sent messages on iOS devices. Accessing the edit option is slightly different here, so follow the steps given below to improve upon your Telegram texts. 

Open the Telegram conversation and tap and hold on the message that you want to change.

A pop-up menu will appear with a few options. Tap on “Edit”.

Now, change the message the way you originally intended it to be. Then, tap on the checkmark button to the right to confirm.

Your message will now be edited and the “edited” tag placed next to it. 

Edit Sent messages in Telegram on Android

Let’s begin with editing sent Telegram messages on Android first. Follow the steps given below for it:

First up, open the Telegram conversation where you want to edit a sent message. 

Navigate to the message that you want to edit, then tap and hold to select it. 

Once the message is selected, a tick mark will be placed next to it.

Then tap on the edit option (pencil icon) in the menu bar above. 

Now, edit the message to correct any mistakes that you made earlier. When you’re done, tap on the checkmark button. 

Your message will be edited and the ‘edited’ tag will be placed next to it. 

Edit Sent messages in Telegram on the Desktop app

The procedure of editing sent messages in the Telegram Desktop app is not too different either. Click on the conversation in the left panel; in the right panel, right-click on the message that you want to edit and choose “Edit”.

The editing window will open up at the bottom with the original message on top of it. 

Type in the edited message, then click on the checkmark option on the right. 

And that’s it, your message will now be edited and an ‘edited’ tag will be placed next to it.

What happens when you edit a message on Telegram?

As soon as you edit a message on Telegram, you, as well as the recipient will see the ‘edited’ tag placed next to the message, notifying all the parties involved in the chat that you’ve edited the message. But as long as your message goes through in the way that you intend, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Can you edit an edited message?

Yes, you can edit your messages any number of times as long as you do it within 48 hours of sending the message. There’s also no limit to how many times you can edit a message.  

What is the edit time limit on Telegram? 

You can only edit messages sent in the last 48 hours. Once the clock ticks over, you will have to delete the messages and type in anew. But for most cases, 2 days is time enough to address any mistakes and keep a clean chat.

Can you edit a disappearing message too?

The disappearing message feature on Telegram goes by the name of “Secret Chat”. But editing is not a function that is available on Telegram’s disappearing messages yet. You will have to correct your message the old-fashioned way, by either sending a new message with asterisks or deleting the message and rewriting it.  

Why can’t I edit a message?

Well, it seems it’s past 48 hours since you sent that message. Or, it’s a secret chat, as you can’t edit that.

Can you delete a message after 48 hours?

Yes, you can delete a sent message, even if 48 hours have elapsed since you sent it. In fact, there is no time limit for deleting your sent message on Telegram for everyone involved in the chat. 


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